BTS Teases Suga About His Hilariously Poor Eye Contact Skills

They wouldn’t let him live this awkward habit down.

Jimin loves to tease Halsey about not looking in his eyes, but even Suga struggles to look at BTS sometimes!

Episode 6 of Break The Silence takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster through discussions about future retirement, past talks about disbanding, and more, but there are plenty of comical moments too.

One happened while BTS were sharing a meal together. Jin brought a part from their “Boy With Luv” performances when Jungkook and J-Hope share a playful BFF moment on stage.

Jin wanted to do something similar with Suga, but it just didn’t work out!

In reply, Jimin brought up Suga’s eye contact skills, or rather, lack thereof.

For “DNA”, Jimin tried to signal Suga with a look, but Suga’s eyes replied like this:

Jin and Jimin weren’t the only members with funny stories to share! Jungkook also exposed Suga for making things awkward during “Boy With Luv”.

Suga could try to fake it, but he would definitely get “caught in a lie” by Jimin. Jimin can tell exactly where Suga is (and isn’t) looking just by tracking his pupils!

Could you handle Suga’s eye contact?