14 Times BTS’s Jin Ignored The “Matching Clothes” Memo

Why blend in when you can stand out?

BTS‘s Jin wears what he wants to when he wants to. It’s not that he doesn’t receive the “wear matching clothes” memos. It’s more like he reads the memos, trashes the memos, and then writes his own memos. Here are just 14 of the many times Jin didn’t match his members.

1. When “Jin Hit” held a meeting with his six bodyguards

2. This is his “streetwear”

3. Turtlenecks? Absolutely not. The red carpet is for swan necks.

4. BTS: “Let’s all wear black coats to Jungkook’s graduation to make him stand out.”

Jin: “This ain’t about him.”

5. Okay, then…how about all-black at Music Bank? Nope.

6. The airport? Still nope.

7. Even black socks are a no-go!

8. Pink is officially the new black…

9. …but now that everyone’s wearing it, let’s switch to blue.

10. Does he even need a name tag?

11. 2015: Let’s all go barefoot and not tell Jin

12. 2016: Let’s all wear shoes and not tell Jin

13. Plaid in Saipan

14. That time everyone dressed sporty and Jin showed up as a chic banana