11 Times Cameras Caught Idols Interacting With Their Fansite Managers

These idols thanked their fansite managers in ways they’ll never forget.

1. When BTS gave this old school fan the memories of a lifetime.

Skye (@skyetokki) began following BTS before their debut and now manages a popular BTS fan account on Twitter. Last year, she created a thread that detailed her early meetings with BTS. Through a draw, Skye was chosen to take a photo with BTS at a debut fanmeet. Each of the members greeted Skye sweetly, and continued to interact with her during subsequent fan meets. What a lucky ARMY!


2. That time Oh My Girl’s Seunghee caught her fansite manager red-handed.

When Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee caught her fancam operator recording Arin, she shot them a look that said: ‘you have betrayed me’.

Throughout the fan meet, Seunghee continued to glare at the fan to let them know that she was still “angry”. It was all in good fun though!


3. When MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul gave her fan life advice

One time, a MAMAMOO fansite manager was nearly clipped by a car while trying to photograph Moonbyul. In reply, Moonbyul shouted, “You only live once!”


4. When Moonbyul had an on-stage stare-off

Moonbyul just loves to goof around with her fans. She playfully stared down a fansite during a performance, causing the fan to squawk with laughter!


5. When EXID’s Hani said, “thank you”

When EXID‘s Hani noticed pharkil (the fan who filmed the famous Hani fancam) she went out of her way to say “hello” him.

She also mouthed “thank you” to him for playing a role in EXID’s ongoing success. Hani reportedly wanted to have a meal with pharkil, to thank him properly, but he politely declined the offer. He said that he’s too busy filming girl groups to schedule a meal with her!


6. When Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon snapped “photos” of her fansites.

During a concert, Taeyeon mimicked the fans who were taking pictures of her.

Later at a fan sign, she made eye contact through a narrow gap with another one of her fan sites.


7. When SHINee’s Jonghyun paid tribute to his fansites in a unique way.

During the SHINee World II tour, Jonghyun turned the names of his fansite into temporary tattoos. News of his heartfelt tribute touched the hearts of Shawols all over the world.


8. When SISTAR’s Hyolyn greeted this fansite manager like a friend.

When Hyolyn saw this Twitter fan page manager, she said, “long time no see, it’s been a while”. She jokingly said that she thought the fan had switched to a different fandom!


9. That time GFRIEND’s Eunha caught her fan switching loyalties

Idols do not take kindly to fans who switch biases, especially when it happens right in front of them! Eunha stomped cutely when she caught her fan cam operator filming Yuju instead. Yuju didn’t help the situation by totally hamming it up!


10. That time Dreamcatcher thanked their fan translators by donating this video message.

Dreamcatcher once sent this video directly to a fan-operated translation channel on YouTube, to have the team add subtitles. Fans appreciated this personal gesture, as it showed that Dreamcatcher’s company appreciates their fans’ translation efforts.


11. When Dreamcatcher’s JiU gave her fancam ops the best fanservice ever.

Fansites would be nothing without the efforts of their talented and dedicated fan photographers and videographers. Thanks to them, fans all of the world have access to high definition photos and videos hours, sometimes even minutes, after an event takes place. To thank her fans, JiU gave them one on one attention! It’s amazing that no one fainted!


12. BONUS: BTS’s Suga’s “suing” fan.

Remember That Girl Who Threatened To Sue BTS’s Suga? This Is What She’s Doing Now

This shameless fan is a legend in the BTS fandom. She became known for shouting “I will sue Min Yoongi!” at Suga during a fan meet, then went on to shout equally shameless things during other fan meets.