10+ Times DAY6’s Jae Was Savage AF To Wonpil…Out Of Love

Their “Tom and Jerry” friendship is one of a kind.

DAY6‘s Jae once compared his friendship with Wonpil to that of Tom and Jerry, a cartoon cat and mouse who love to drive each other crazy. Here are 10+ Jae was savage AF to Wonpil — out of love.

1. WANTED: Missing snake. Answers to the name “Wonpil”.

2. How to be a Jae anti-fan:

3. Name something that isn’t funny.

4. “You Wonpil a thing.”

5. That time he mocked Wonpil’s aegyo instead of copying it

6. Secret affection confession?

7. That time Jae “hacked” After School Club to turn Wonpil into his fanboy

8. That time he shaded Wonpil…and everyone else in DAY6.

9. When Jae had zero love for Wonpil’s pink sweater

10. “Wild as hell”

11. That time he literally threw Wonpil away

12. Wonpil as tribute

13. When he gave Wonpil a birthday pass

14. In the end though, “it’s all love”!

15. BONUS: When Wonpil faded Jae out of existence

In this Tom and Jerry friendship, Jae isn’t the only savage one. Wonpil is just as good at dishing it out as he is at taking it!

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