5 Times “The Glory” Actor Lee Do Hyun Proves He Is Totally “Boyfriend Material”

It’s no wonder Lim Ji Yeon was attracted to him.

Recently, it was confirmed that Netflix‘s The Glory stars Lim Ji Yeon and Lee Do Hyun are in a relationship.

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In The Glory, Lee Do Hyun plays Joo Yeo Jeong, the love interest of Song Hye Kyo‘s character, Moon Dong Eun. Joo Yeo Jeong stands by Moon Dong Eun throughout her hardships and persistently pursues her while loyally supporting her. It’s not just Joo Yeo Jeong who is a good boyfriend—the actor who plays him is charming in every way, and it makes sense that Lim Ji Yeon was attracted to him.

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Here are five things about Lee Do Hyun that make him totally “boyfriend material.”

1. He is a gentleman.

Lee Do Hyun is always a gentleman when filming, making sure that his co-stars are okay. For example, while filming Youth Of May, Lee Do Hyun had a scene where he fell with actress Go Min Si. While filming, he was heard speaking to her in informal Korean and calling her “ya,” a word used to call someone you are close to or are the same age or younger than you. He then gently asked her, “Are you okay?”

His gentle voice and manners couldn’t help but make netizens’ hearts flutter, and they swooned over him.

  • “I love how Lee Do Hyun is so considerate of Go Min Si… When they filmed the kiss scene, he kept asking her, ‘I’m going to do this, are you okay with that?’
  • “I’m not okay…”
  • “My heart is not okay because of Do Hyun oppa…”
  • “Wow…. he called her ‘ya’….. ‘Ya’….. My heart just skipped a beat”
  • “Lucky… I want to be that mat…”
  • “I will volunteer to be that gate right there lol”
  • “His acting is great and his acting is even greater!”

2. He loves his furry friend.

Lee Do Hyun has an adorable corgi named Gaeul, whom he adopted in 2018.

It’s clear that he truly loves his dog based on how he introduces her as his family—specifically, his daughter.

He takes Gaeul on about three walks a day, but he admitted that it’s Gaeul who is taking him on walks. He also takes pictures with and of Gaeul often, and his social media is filled with cute pictures together.

He even admitted that when practicing for his lines in The Glory, he would pretend that Gaeul was Moon Dong Eun and deliver his lines to her.

Lee Do Hyun and Gaeul are an adorable duo, and some even say they look alike!

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3. He is a family man.

Lee Do Hyun has a lot of love for his family—his parents and younger brother. He speaks of them often on interviews and variety shows. For example, when he was on Running Man, he said he wanted to win the prize so he could give it to his parents.


On tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block, he talked about his younger brother,r who has a developmental disability, and how he tries to spend more time with him when he’s not filming. He even gave a shoutout to his younger brother in his acceptance speech for “Best Actor” at the 2021 KBS Drama Award,s and with tears in his eyes, he said that his brother is his reminder of why he started acting.

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In addition, he said he spent his first paycheck from his first job on paying for a family portrait.

Since his success, Lee Do Hyun has moved his family into a bigger house, which made his parents happy. In addition, he said he wants to throw his parents a second wedding and send them on their own romantic getaway.

4. He is athletic.

Before Lee Do Hyun became a successful actor, he was talented at something else: basketball. In middle school, he played for the city Goyang’s basketball team as a point guard.

He even considered pursuing basketball as a career, but his father, who used to play baseball, didn’t want him to pursue a sports career. Eventually, Lee Do Hyun pursued an acting career and attended Chung Ang University as a theater major. While attending college, he continued to play basketball for the school basketball club.

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It’s no wonder he was so popular in school!

5. He can dance.

The more we get to know Lee Do Hyun, the more we learn he is talented in many things. He can act and play basketball, but did you know he can dance? On variety shows, Lee Do Hyun often does his Tecktonik dance to lighten the mood.

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Tecktonik dancing is not all he can do. On an episode of Knowing Brothers, Lee Do Hyun showed that hecouldn really dance as he wowed audiences with his contemporary dance filled with flips and jumps.

Lee Do Hyun has indeed got it all—he’s a gentlemanly family man who loves animals, is athletic, and can dance! What more could you want in a boyfriend?


Source: You Quiz On The Block, JTBC Entertainment and KBS World TV

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