11 Times Idols Knew Way More Than We Wanted Them To

Yes, they know all about those memes you made.

You know how, as a fan, there are a lot of things we do that probably would be weird if idols found out about them? Yeah, well it turns out a lot of times our biases actually do know about all our inside jokes, memes, and fanfiction! Here are just a few times, fans were surprised to find out that their bias group knew more than we ever thought they did!


1. When BLACKPINK poked fun at Jennie’s “Solo” teaser

When Jennie‘s “Solo” teaser first came out, a lot of fans weren’t really sure what to think of it. Some people loved the simple whispered “Jennie” and other’s decided it would be perfect meme material.


Now we can’t be certain that the members found out about the memes or not but the way that they decided to poke fun at the teaser sure seems like it!


2. The time TWICE Momo found out about her earbud

One time Momo took out her headphones but didn’t really take them out. That is to say, the earbud got a bit stuck in her ear and she didn’t realize it! And then she had a whole bunch of pictures taken at the airport…


Fans couldn’t stop laughing over the situation but at some point, she must have found out about it because when the group returned Momo posed with her earbuds thereby acknowledging the whole thing!


3. When BTS Jimin’s hands were acknowledged by his members

ARMYs have talked about Jimin‘s cute and small hands for a long time, but when the other members actually acknowledged them, everyone was flipping out!


Then again, the members were a bit surprised to find out that ARMYs knew about Jungkook‘s “Nochu” nickname!


4. When TWICE wouldn’t let Sana’s “Mr. Taxi” dance rest

Fans are in love with Sana‘s adorable “Mr. Taxi” dance…


Even if Sana’s incredibly embarrassed by it!


But her members won’t ever let her forget the dance, especially after finding out just how much ONCEs enjoy it (at least Sana can counterattack with Dahyun’s eagle dance)!


5. Sunmi’s slang confession

Sunmi had fans shaking in their boots when she revealed that she knew what “stan” meant on Twitter.


Sunmi Is Learning Internet Slang And Netizens Are Shook

But what was even scarier to fans was when she revealed she’s been brushing up on her online slang!


6. BLACKPINK Rosé’s meme mention

Then there was the time Rosé literally acknowledged that she created a meme when she posted this to Instagram with the caption, “I still don’t remember how I did this.
Well, they do say, ‘great minds think alike.’


7. When NCT’s Lucas was looking at memes

When NCTzens just couldn’t get over how much larger Lucas‘ hands were compared to Mark‘s…well…this chicken meme happened.


And Lucas totally saw it!


8. When A.C.E shipped it too

When @iatrisf tweeted to A.C.E stating that the ship between Wow and Jason is real…


They got a response back from the group confirming it!


9. The time MONSTA X totally got down with the “vibrating cell phone” meme

MONSTA X’s Shownu Is Coming For Hyungwon’s “Meme King” Title

When MONSTA X released their relay version of “Shoot Out”, Monbebes couldn’t help themselves from memeing the moment out.


Fans found lots of creative ways to meme the move, like comparing it to cellphone vibrations…


And when the group would later release their “Shoot Out Eye Contact” version, Monbebes saw they’d been found out!


10. When EXO’s Suho released the memes

Turns out Suho‘s been paying attention to all the memes EXO-Ls have created too. After revealing he likes to search the internet and found some interesting things…


Suho truly released the memes! Just look at all those glorious memes that the group’s leader knows about!


11. When L.O.V.Es realized NU’EST read fanfics

What could be weirder than finding out your bias group knows about all the memes that fans made? Well, what about finding out that they also read your fanfiction. On more than one occasion the members of NU’EST have revealed that they’ve read some of the more…interesting fanfics about them.