Sunmi Is Learning Internet Slang And Netizens Are Shook

Fans couldn’t be prouder or more scared!

The world of internet slang is like a world unto itself and now there is one more person educating herself on the ins and outs of this unique culture. Sunmi recently spilled a little tea of her own and fessed up that she’s been learning some internet slang herself.


Netizens first got a glimpse at Sunmi’s knowledge of internet slang when she sent out a tweet telling everyone to stan themselves, while also pointing out that she does know the meaning of “stan.”


While this single tweet already had fans going crazy…


She later shared some other news that shook netizens to their very core. Shortly after posting her stan tweet, Sunmi revealed that she’s been studying up on slang.


And netizens haven’t been able to stop talking about it! Now everyone thinks that her next album is going to contain tracks like these…


Or these!


Of course, everyone has been sending her a lot of love for brushing up on the unique language!


Although, plenty of fans are also warning her just how dangerous falling into this world can be and are begging her to turn back before it’s too late!


So while everyone is hoping that she doesn’t learn all of the dark little secrets floating around the web, they are very happy that she is studying up on the unique language of internet slang.