6 Times Jungkook Instinctively Protected His BTS Members

He is always ready, willing, and able to help his friends.

Jungkook‘s BTS members aren’t just coworkers; their his best friends, the hyungs (older brothers) who raised him during his trainee years. Here are 6 times he protected them out in public and behind the scenes.

1. That time he became Jin’s personal bodyguard

When crowding intensified at an airport, Jungkook raised his arm to clear a path for Jin.

He gave his hyung the VIP treatment by fussing over him, making Jin laugh in the middle of a crazy situation.

2. No photos please!

Back in 2016, Jungkook decided to have some fun with the paparazzi as BTS strolled through the airport.

Like a bodyguard, he put his arm around Jimin and used his other hand as a shield…

…to block reporters’ camera flashes. A mask can’t hide that mischievous smile in his eyes!

3. When he protected Suga and Jimin from virtual dangers

In an episode of Run BTS!, the members played virtual reality games that felt frighteningly real at some moments. In this clip, Jungkook casually used his body to keep Suga and Jimin in place.

4. That time he wasn’t about to let a bug attack J-Hope

J-Hope is not a fan of insects, but no worries. During Bon Voyage, bug killer Jungkook was there to eliminate any and all threats!

5. Leading the way

Once again, Jungkook took on the role of bodyguard to escort Jimin through a crowd. Jimin held onto his arm as Jungkook walked ahead, clearing the way.

6. Taking care of V

When V wasn’t feeling well while traveling, Jungkook stayed by his side and kept an eye out for any problems. He’s that caring friend we all need in our life!