6 Times K-Pop Girl Groups Busted The Myth That Boy Group Choreography Is Harder Than Girl Group Choreography

Cute choreography ≠ easy choreography

K-Pop boy groups are often praised for their difficult choreography, but girl groups deserve the same praise for their choreography, too…especially since they often execute high-level skills while wearing heels!

Here are 6 times that K-Pop girl groups proved that their choreography is just as difficult as boy groups’ choreography.

1. “Mafia in the Morning” (ITZY)

ITZY has always been praised for their difficult choreography, but “Mafia in the Morning” truly stands out! The choreography is full of impressive isolations and showstopping moments, like when the members drop to the ground and move forward on their knees. The fact that the members wore tight leather outfits and boots during many of their performances of this song makes it even more amazing that they pulled this choreography off so well!

2. “PTT (Paint the Town)” (LOONA)

The LOONA members are definitely no strangers to hard choreography! “PTT (Paint the Town)” is a great example of LOONA’s difficult choreography. Even when they’re performing the same types of moves that boy groups include in their choreography, the LOONA members manage to keep their moves fluid and feminine. LOONA is never out of sync, which is truly incredible considering they have 12 members!

3. “Naughty” (Red Velvet – Irene and Seulgi)

The “Naughty” choreography is super hard! The dance is made up of tutting dance moves. Tutting is a unique genre of dance that involves creating precise angles with the hands and arms. If even one finger is out of place while tutting, the entire move can look wrong. Even though tutting is notoriously difficult, both Irene and Seulgi mastered it in just a few months!

4. “More & More” (TWICE)

TWICE consistently proves that cute choreography doesn’t mean easy choreography! To date, “More & More” is one of the group’s hardest dances, and Jihyo even said the choreography is so exhausting that the members are “too exhausted to walk” after performing it. This choreography requires great synchronization and high energy throughout the entire song. Although the “More & More” choreography is super demanding, TWICE always nails it!

5. “Savage” (aespa)

“Savage” is full of quick footwork and difficult popping moves. There are also a few parts of the choreography that require the members to move from sharp moves to fluid moves within seconds. Although the “Savage” choreography contains many difficult-to-execute moves, aespa totally nails it!

6. “Me Gustas Tu” (GFRIEND)

GFRIEND’s choreography is notoriously hard! “Me Gustas Tu” is a great example of how difficult their choreography can be. Just seconds into the song, Yerin jumps over the other members. Throughout the song, the GFRIEND members execute complicated footwork. Although this choreography is super demanding, the members always have smiles on their faces and make “Me Gustas Tu” look deceptively easy!




Source: Reddit