6 Times NCT DREAM’s Jeno Accidentally Broke ALL The Things

He’s on his way to becoming a God Of Destruction ๐Ÿ˜‚

When it comes to breaking things by accident, NCT DREAM‘s Jeno has entertained fans with funny mishaps more than once. Here are six times he broke all the things he got his hands on.


1. Candy Crisis

While dalgona candy only takes a small bit of force to cause a crack in it, Jeno went even farther with his candy for SM Entertainment‘s Halloween party. Instead, he caused laughter by giving it a nice hit that caused multiple cracks.

2. Bicycle Blues

As soon as Jeno saw a bicycle, he couldn’t resist playing with it—until a funny development. After grabbing onto the handlebars, it ripped right off of the bicycle.


3. R.I.P Table

In the chaos of Jeno and Jisung playing around, Jeno fell right onto a small table. While Jeno couldn’t stop laughing, the rest of the members checked out the damage.

They were just as amused, laughing as they saw the piece of the table that had broken off. They even tried to put it back together.

4. Candy Crisis, Pt. 2

Jeno once again proved that candy is the perfect treat to break into pieces. After receiving NCT‘s Sungchan‘s lollipop, Jeno accidentally crumbled it into rock candy.

5. Phone Fiasco

Jisung couldn’t stop laughing as he showed everyone his broken cell phone thanks to Jeno.

Unintentionally flexing Jeno’s strength, Jisung revealed that all it took was one single hit from Jeno’s elbow to break it completely.

6. Two Paddle, One Paddle

Proving his strength is more than even he’s aware of, Jeno paddled so strongly that he broke one of the paddles off the boat.

Making the situation even funnier, Jeno adorably smiled as he tried to fix it. Though he couldn’t get it back into place, he kept rowing with only one paddle.