8 Times NCT’s Haechan Proved He’s Main Dancer Material

Haechan’s dancing deserves more attention!

We all know NCT‘s Haechan for his honey-like vocals, but his dance skills deserve much more attention!

NCT’s Haechan | @nct127/Instagram

Here are 8 times Haechan proved he’s main dancer material!

1. Fancy footwork

Haechan is so light on his feet! His moves are always so fluid, and he effortlessly performs difficult choreography.

2. He’s so charismatic

Even when he’s doing simple moves, Haechan is incredibly exciting to watch! He’s got great stage presence and musicality.

3. The perfect balance of power and fluidity

There’s a fine line between power and fluidity, and Haechan ALWAYS dances right on that line!

4. His hips don’t lie

Haechan is the king of adding a little extra oomph to a move by using his hips!

5. He looks like he’s gliding across the floor

Haechan moves so gracefully!

6. His playful energy lights up the stage

Haechan’s playful personality shows through his dancing when he does cute concepts!

7. His body rolls are next level

This part of the “90’s Love” choreography includes multiple small body rolls back to back. Haechan manages to make each body roll look distinct and keeps them from running together!

8. He’s so graceful

Haechan’s “Love Sign” dance break proved just how exceptionally graceful he is! Just look at that jump!