9 Times NCT Proved They’re Friends With Basically The Entire K-Pop Industry

NCT has friends everywhere!

The NCT members are a very popular bunch! Sometimes, it seems like the group must be friends with the entire K-Pop industry!

NCT | @nct/Instagram

Here are 9 times NCT proved they’re friends with everyone!

1. When Johnny and Wonho were super friendly with each other even though they were competing against one another

Johnny was the goalie during NCT’s shootout match against MONSTA X during the 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC). Although Johnny was competing against Wonho at the time, he couldn’t help joking around with Wonho!

2. Doyoung and SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi taking selfies together

Doyoung and Hoshi in one picture? Yes please!

3. Taeyong, Doyoung, and Jaehyun cheering on ATEEZ

Taeyoung, Doyoung, and Jaehyun were interviewed on Music Bank with ATEEZ’s San, Wooyoung, and Seonghwa. The NCT and ATEEZ members cheered each other on, and both NCTzens and ATINYs were delighted!

4. Jaehyun and BTS’s Jungkook being besties

Jaehyun and Jungkook gave us ’97-line crumbs while Jaehyun was interviewing BTS! The two looked super excited to see each other while working. Look at how bouncy and excited Jungkook was to see Jaehyun!

5. NCT DREAM hanging out with EXO during their “Lotto” encore

NCT DREAM was living our dreams when they sang “Lotto” on stage with the EXO members! Their onstage interactions prove that EXO takes great care of their juniors!

6. Ten and SHINee’s Key greeting each other in the hall

Can you imagine running into either Ten or Key in the hall? During one of his Key-Log videos, Key saw Ten and excitedly greeted him. Ten looked just as excited to see Key as Key was to see him!

7. Ten and BLACKPINK’s Lisa dancing to WayV’s “Kick Back”

Ten personally taught Lisa the “Kick Back” choreography! This is true bestie behavior!

8. Chenle and aespa’s NingNing radiating chaotic sibling energy

Chenle and NingNing are such a hilarious duo! While we haven’t gotten many onscreen interactions between the two, they had fans cracking up when they were arguing through Bubble about who was better at PUBG!

9. NCT and Red Velvet always hanging out at ISAC

These 2 groups are inseparable every time they get together at ISAC! They cheer each other on from the stands during competitions, and they’re always sitting next to each other.