NCT DREAM Chenle and aespa NingNing’s Banter Radiates Chaotic Sibling Energy, And Fans Are Here For It

These two friends make one chaotic duo.

NCT DREAM‘s Chenle and aespa‘s NingNing are known to have a very interesting friendship. Going back to their days as rookies at SM Entertainment, these two have a history of constantly engaging in (hilarious) friendly banter.

Since they were both foreign trainees from China, they likely bonded over their shared experiences during their traineeship, and now they have a  friendship that involves a lot of amusing arguments that never fail to entertain fans.

Most recently, fans have been laughing over some comments Chenle made about NingNing’s PUBG abilities, abilities that he seemed to be calling into question.

This has led to various memes about the chaotic interactions between the two, starting with NingNing’s imagined reaction to Chenle’s comments…

…as well as the hilarious ‘fight’ that would supposedly follow.

Some fans are now calling for Chenle and NingNing to play together on Huya Live, as this would undoubtedly give fans plenty of great comedy moments to look forward to.

Since they are both in the same company chances are that fans will get to see more funny interactions between them. Hopefully we get to see more of their friendship soon!