9 Times NCT Taeyong’s Clumsy Side Was His Funniest Side

You win some; you lose some 😂

Whether luck wasn’t on his side or he was just a bit clumsy, here are nine times NCT 127‘s Taeyong charmed everyone with funny mishaps.


1. Birds Of A Feather

Seeing a bunch of beautiful birds in the wintertime, Taeyong couldn’t resist chasing after them.

He was so excited that he forgot how slippery the snow is and slid around while trying to regain his balance.

2. Falling Forest First

When the members were playing a game, the ball went further than they expected. Chasing after it, Taeyong fell right into the bushes and rolled over into the grass. By the time the members came to help, even he was laughing.

3. Tug-Of-Fall

During the filming for their “TOUCH” music video, they had a tug-of-war with the camera. Taeyong was so excited he accidentally fell.

Like a total professional, he quickly dusted himself off and got right back up.

4. Food For All

Ready to chow down on his snacks, Taeyong sat down and ripped open the bag. There was just one problem. He’d opened it so forcefully that it spilled everywhere.

5. Ice Cream Drop, Pt. 1

In the middle of talking to the camera, Taeyong wouldn’t be himself if he hadn’t suddenly tripped.

Since he’d been holding his precious ice cream, Taeyong was upset from dropping it. Still, he cleaned it up properly.

6. Ice Cream Drop, Pt. 2

Ice cream and Taeyong are a combination that never fails to be funny. On the set of his “Long Flight” music video, he knocked over his ice cream sundae and made the cutest face.

7. Flying Light Stick

In an iconic moment that fans can’t forget, Taeyong was enjoying “Replay (PM 01:27)” so much that he sent the top half of the NCT light stick flying.

8. Camera Oopsie

In the middle of recording himself, Taeyong accidentally dropped the camera. He hilariously shouted, “Oh my god!

After quickly picking it up, his adorable reaction of being shocked made up for it.

9. Knocking Heads

Taeyong laughed so hard that he accidentally hit his head on the wall behind him. If your friends don’t cause that reaction from you, are they really funny?