10 Times NMIXX’s Lily Proved She’s The “Realest” K-Pop Idol

The NMIXX star has made fans fall in love with her relatable personality.

Ever since her debut, NMIXX‘s Lily has constantly made waves on social media. This happens not only due to her impressive vocal range and stunning performances but also because of her super relatable personality. While Lily has won the heart of many through her talent and hard work as an idol, her popularity has been boosted by some incredibly funny moments that make K-Pop fans all over the world feel seen.

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Lily’s ability to connect with her fans on a more personal level through her posts, Bubble messages, and live broadcast sets her apart from other idols. K-Pop fans simply can’t get enough of her down-to-earth attitude.

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1. She’s a great actress!

Reenacting Kamala Harris memes is easy for some.

2. Lily is literally one of us!

You can just tell Lily is the biggest idol Swiftie.

3. Don’t misunderstand her!

Lily hates this season, which also happens to be an idol.

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4. Again!

And this fruit, that happens to be a popular streaming platform.

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5. She’s the best hype-woman ever.

Not only is Lily the realest, but she’s also the sweetest!

6. “We need more wombat representation!”

Who even knew there was a koala versus wombat debate?

7. She basically held a “TED Talk” about cheaters!

We think Lily made several points during this live broadcast.

8. “Nuh-uh” to capitalism!

NSWERs would definitely submit to capitalism to see you, Lily.

9. Editing Queen

What fan would love having their idols send tips on how to make video edits?

10. Not sure how we got here, but she has a point!

At the end of the day, what’s important is that Lily has good intentions.


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