10+ Times Photos Proved That BTS’s Suga Is An Actual Cat

He’s a real cat and no one can convince ARMYs otherwise.

BTS‘s Suga has always been given the cat nickname by ARMYs. The nickname suits him well because there are moments when he resembles a cat, and sometimes, even looks like one! Furthermore, his personality is deemed really “cat-like” by most fans!

Here are 10+ photos that prove that Suga is an actual cat!

1. When he looked so small as he measured Jungkook’s arm length

2. When he wore the sunflower headdress at the airport

3. When he smiles

4. When his pure skin also reminds fans of cats

5. When he looked really similar to a cat meme

6. When he wore a fake mustache

7. When he winks

8. When his natural cat ears were revealed

9. When he’s taking a break

10. When he took a leap of faith, literally

11. Whenever he’s shocked

12. When he’s enjoying nature’s beauty

13. When cat headbands look so natural on him