11 Times The “Run BTS!” Editors Fed Our Meme Addiction In Episode 134

“Run BTS!” editors deserve a raise 😂

In the latest episode of Run BTS!, BTS participated in a “Workshop Special” and put their dance skills to the test. As if the members weren’t hilarious already on their own, the editors were wilding too! Here are 11 of the best meme edits from Episode 134 that had us laughing out loud.

1. Me trying to understand “Run BTS!” rules

2. Everyone wants the lucky seat 😂

3. The editors savage AF to their fellow staff 😂

4. V driving his way into our hearts

5. Jin is the dance king!

6. Our Winter Bear 🥰

7. Super Saiyan Jin!

8. They miss Suga just as much as the rest of us 😭

9. So cute 🥺

10. The inflatable dancing guys 😂

11. RM: the peaceful leader


Source: BTS