Here Are 20+ Times When SEVENTEEN Proved Themselves To Be LGBTQIA+ Allies

SEVENTEEN often show their support for the LGBTQIA+ community! πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

Despite progress in recent years, South Korea is still conservative, especially in terms of the LGBTQIA+ community. Even in the past couple of years, there has even been an increase in negative rhetoric andΒ hate crimes against LGBTQIA+ persons.

So, it’s especially commendable when K-Pop idols use their public platform for good to spread awareness for LGBTQIA+ despite potential hate they may get themselves. The members of the beloved K-Pop boy group SEVENTEEN are great examples.


On many occasions, they have spoken on behalf of LGBTQIA+ peers in more ways than one. Their music has even been played during Pride parades as a result.

So, here are 20+ times that SEVENTEEN proved to be LGBTQIA+ allies…

1. Vernon wearing Balenciaga T-Shirt from the brand’s Pride collection in a photoshoot

He’s truly proud to be an ally!


2. S.Coups’ reaction to seeing a Pride flag

It’s too wholesome!

3. S.Coups wearing both a jacket and shirt from Balenciaga’s Pride collection and more, including rainbow accessories

He’s rocked so many pieces from the collection and more rainbow-themed items!


Β Β 

4. Dino reading a book about feminism and a lesbian couple


5. Vernon wearing an entire fit from Nike and Burberry’s Pride collections on Pride Day

Purchases went to LGBTQIA+ focused suicide prevention charity The Trevor Project.

6. The8 wearing a shirt from Burberry’s Pride collection

Like Vernon, he wore a piece from the collection, which donated to The Trevor Project.

The8 | @skzteeen/Twitter

7. Vernon’s response after a Carat told him that many of the group’s fans are part of the LGBTQIA+ community

While in New York City for KCON, SEVENTEEN had an interview with Jeff Benjamin as part of the BUILD Series, and Vernon spoke in support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

8. Vernon’s heartfelt response when another Carat thanked him for acknowledging the LGBTQIA+ community

Later, Vernon responded to a Carat that personally thanked him for speaking out in support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

9. Joshua wearing “the gender shirt”

The T-shirt lists all genders, including non-binary, cisgenders, transgenders, etc.


10. Joshua and Vernon’s inclusive song “ROCKET”

They revealed that there are no gender-identifying pronouns so the song can apply to all types of love.

11. Hoshi saying Seungkwan is bigender

Whether true or not, the acknowledgment of bigender in itself is great.

12. Mingyu saying that his plushie Kim BongBong is genderless

On multiple occasions, Mingyu emphasized that the plush is genderless and thus does not go by gender-specific words. He also added that BongBong could be loved by anyone regardless of gender.



13. Vernon recommending the movieΒ Moonlight

The film focuses on a young black gay man growing up. It became the first LGBT+ movie with an all-black cast to win the Academy Award (Oscar) for “Best Picture.”

The film presents three stages in the life of the main character: his childhood, adolescence, and early adult life. It explores the difficulties he faces with his sexuality and identity, including the physical and emotional abuse he endures growing up.

β€” Wikipedia

Vernon (left) | SEVENTEEN/VLIVE

14. The8’s Weverse post

He shared a post, including multiple abstract photos depicting kisses, and captioned it with all types of families, communicating all forms of love.

| Weverse

15. Wonwoo wearing Bisexual flag pants

Recently, Wonwoo went viral for his “bisexual flag pants.”


he was rocking those bisexual pants #wonwoo #svt #seventeen #hot #facethesun #lgbt #kpop #fyp


16. Vernon wearing Pride Converse

Again, Vernon rocked some trendy Pride fashion.

17. Hoshi’s reaction to seeing a Pride flag at concerts

He kept giving them hearts!

18. Jun being a great friend to Aaron Yan

Aaron Yan is a Taiwanese actor, singer, and member of Fahrenheit. Jun posted a photo with him, promoting his album. If he couldn’t get any sweeter, Jun did it a few days after Aaron Yan was forcibly outed by his ex-boyfriend!

Jun (left) and Aaron Yan (right).

Aaron Yan also signed the album with “love wins” and “embrace your own uniqueness.”

19. Jun being a fan of Hush

Similarly, Jun shared a photo with Hush, the first openly gay artist in Taiwan. In the Weibo post, Jun praised Hush, saying he was “super cool on stage.”

Jun (left) and Hush (right).

Also, on Let’s Meet Radio, Jun revealed that he hopes to collaborate with Hush!

20. Hoshi wearing clothes from Adidas’ 2020 Pride collection

It appeared that he bought the entire collection too!


21. Jun’s solo “Crow” produced by Morris Pang

Morris Pang is a gay Malaysian couple. The song’s lyrics also touch on loving oneself, fighting prejudice, etc.

22. Jun responding to XNINE’s Peng Chuyue

It was regarding Peng Chuyue’s WLW-themed songΒ “ε₯Ήε₯Ή.”Β 

23. Hoshi advocating for gay rights via chickens

There was a debate about whether the chicken or egg came first. When Dino made a comment about a cock and hen mating, Hoshi quickly emphasized that chickens of the same gender can form relationships.

24. Wonwoo’s Call Me by Your NameΒ phone case

Wonwoo donated to an organization for stray cats. Among the items he donated was a phone case inspired by the gay film Call Me by Your Name.Β 

In 1980s Italy, romance blossoms between a seventeen-year-old student and the older man hired as his father’s research assistant.

β€” IMDb’s description for Call Me by Your Name

| @lgbtmln/Twitter

25. Hoshi speaking about gender equality

He responded thoughtfully to a question, bringing attention to gender neutrality and equality.

| @lgbtmln/Twitter

26. S.Coups allegedly coming out as bisexual

Could SEVENTEEN members be more than just allies? In SEVENTEEN’s song “Just For Fun” from their pre-debut mixtape, S.Coup’s says, “I like both” in Korean. Many interpret the lyrics to indicate bisexual orientation allegedly.

1. So the ‘I like both’ is pretty spot on, but the second part of the lyric was probably watered down in translation. The most important word here is 양성적. You see, I’m studying Korean and have been for several years now, and I knew that this word was pretty straightforward… It means bisexual. μ–‘μ„± is bisexuality, whereas 이성 is heterosexuality and 동성 is homosexuality. Coups is literally saying he’s pretty bi. I even asked my Korean friend for her opinion and she confirmed what I said, her words being “someone who loves both men and women”. I told her it was lyrics to a song, and that it was an idol who put it in their rap. (author: se7enteen_trash)

2. Ok, so, as much as I definitely WOULDN’T mind him being gay, bisexual or whichever else he prefers, I just discovered this song and the lyrics and asked a Korean native friend about them and the key is to not only look at the first line but at the second as well. The second line 언더 메이저 뭐든 상관없어 is translated in this video as ‘doesn’t matter what major’ which doesn’t make much sense. So according to my friend, the actual translation is ‘under or major. I don’t care.’ most probably referring to underground rap and mainstream rap. The first line λ‘˜ λ‹€ μ’‹μ•„ν•΄ λ‚œ κ½€λ‚˜ 양성적 then most probably translates to ‘I like both. I don’t mind.’ or ‘I like both. I’m positive/active (about/in…).’ referring to him liking both the underground and the mainstream sides of the rap scene and being able/willing to be active in both. 양성적 CAN mean ‘bisexual’ but it also translates to ‘positive’ or ‘active’, depending on the context. Trust me, I so wouldn’t mind him coming out but I don’t think that’s what he did here. Although he might have chosen those words to purposely play on the different possible interpretations which I would totally applaud.

3. ‘ I think he’s talking about what position he will be in the group. Vocal or rap, he like both? And he doent mind if the company will put him in these two position. Idk if theyre dissing the company here, or some people in the industry who, like Wonwoo said, are arrogant’

β€” GudUsernamesAllTaken/Reddit

Check out even more moments below:

Source: TXText, @skzteeen and @lgbtmln