7 Times SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Stopped Seungkwan From Throwing Hands

Mingyu almost cut it a bit close for that one.

Since SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan is such a charismatic person, he shares that same energy level when becoming passionate about any wrongdoings. Funnily enough, there’s always someone who pulls him back and stops him from throwing hands: Mingyu. Here are seven times, Mingyu came to the rescue to keep Seungkwan calm.

Seungkwan and Mingyu.

1. No More Dancing TVs

During the group’s appearance on My Little Television, they tried to teach the show’s mascot how to dance. When they couldn’t pick up the moves, Seungkwan was a little bit irritated from the lack of progress.

While the mascot flapped its arms up and down, Seungkwan reached his boiling point. He shouted as he gently tapped the side of its head to push them out of the way. Many of them burst into laughter from the outburst, while Jeonghan and Mingyu jumped right into action.

While Jeonghan made sure the mascot didn’t topple over, Mingyu wrapped his arms around Seungkwan to hold him back from doing anything else hilarious.

2. Don’t Stop The Music

During their appearance on MMTG‘s Civilization Express, host Jae Jae and Seungkwan bonded instantly over their love of throwback K-Pop classics. As they jammed to KARA‘s iconic song “STEP”, both of them lost it when it stopped playing right at the killing part.

Jae Jae stomped her feet while Seungkwan threw away his cue card, making his way to the staff in charge of DJing.

Since it wasn’t the first time the staff cut off the music preview right before the song reached its peak, Seungkwan let out some of his bottled up feelings. He said, “You’re doing a terrible job! In fact, I’ve let it slide a couple of times before.

By then, Mingyu needed to step in. He held Seungkwan in a tight hug as he walked him back to their original spots, apologizing along the way. He spoke over Seungkwan’s yelling to say, “Sorry. I’m sorry.

3. Red-Haired Boy

To count down until the 2017 MAMA’s, SEVENTEEN participated in a round of games that had many cracking up from their competitiveness—especially Seungkwan’s.

When they played a word game where they named different types of kimchi, Hoshi pointed out that one answer hadn’t met the rules. He said, “You can’t insist something [is correct when it’s] incorrect!

Seungkwan became hilariously fired up, giving Hoshi a nickname based on his hair color. He shouted, “You red-haired boy! What are you doing now?

Mingyu didn’t hesitate to pull Seungkwan back, smoothly tugging him backward as DK also lent a hand.

4. Taking Names, Remembering Faces

On an episode of their travel reality show SEVENTEEN’s One Fine Day, Seungkwan thought the staff had played one too many tricks on him. He made it known that he would never forget their meddling, making many laugh at how fired up he was. Right on time, Mingyu came to save the day.

I’ll remember! What day. What time. I’m going to remember all of it!

— Seungkwan

The two made a hilarious scene. Mingyu held onto Seungkwan while he kept noting every detail of that moment. Seungkwan continued wiggling around while shouting, “The people wearing parkas, and the people wearing vests.

5. Softy Seungkwan

In a round of Mafia, the members were convinced that Seungkwan was one of the bad guys.

Instead of getting fired up and trying to defend himself as a citizen, he was ready to throw in the towel for them not believing him. He calmly said, “I’m not emotional today. I will not be the mafia.

Rather than throwing hands over something annoying, Seungkwan just wanted to be left alone. He said, “I don’t want to care about this. This makes me sad.

Though Mingyu kept him from leaving, Seungkwan ended up getting his wish and watched them as an angel.

6. Mafia, Pt. 2

For a round of Mafia during their show GOING SEVENTEEN, Seungkwan’s soft side in the previous game was nowhere to be seen. Like before, all the members were convinced he was one of the bad guys.

Rather than sitting back and throwing in the towel, Seungkwan was ready to prove his innocence. Mingyu and DK both grabbed one of Seungkwan’s hands to stop him. Even Joshua stood up to help out.

7. Wonder Girls Fanboy #1

On Civilization Express, Seungkwan showed how much of a Wonder Girls fanboy he is by submitting their song “2 Different Tears” for voting on the top throwback songs.

Since most of the members hadn’t heard the song before or weren’t familiar with it, he became passionate about how underrated it was.

From his serious expression and gestures, he wasn’t ready to admit defeat. Mingyu took his cue cards and fanned Seungkwan, gently pulling him back to his spot.

Despite how heated Seungkwan can sometimes become, it’s all for fun. He admitted to struggling even more just because Mingyu holds him back. They truly are entertainers.


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