10 Times The SHINee Members Wore The Same Clothes

They’re so fashionable!

All the SHINee members are super fashionable!

SHINee | @Zolshinee2min_5/Twitter

Since they’re all so fashionable, the members have worn the same clothes as each other on many occasions. Here are 10 times the SHINee members wore the exact same clothes!

1. Key and Minho wearing the same hoodie

Key and Minho wore the same knit hoodie, and they both looked incredible! Key looked great with his green beanie, and Minho looked so handsome in his glasses. Both of them rocked this hoodie exceptionally well!

2. Onew and Key wearing the same sweatshirt

Both Onew and Key rocked this super casual look! They look super comfy and cool.

3. Minho and Taemin twinning in the same tie

These preppy looks suited Minho and Taemin so well! They proved this tie looks great when paired with either gray or brown.

4. Minho and the Sweater Vest King Onew wearing matching sweater vests

Sweater vests look so good on SHINee!

5. SHINee=Kings of Hearts

Onew, Minho, and Taemin wore the same ace of hearts sweater, and we <3 all these looks!

6. We’re loving these leopard print looks on Jonghyun and Taemin

They’re both looking lovely in leopard! Both are serving major rocker vibes.

7. Just blonde MinKey twinning

Both Minho and Key look amazing in this two-tone jacket!

8. Jonghyun and Key both rocked this shirt

Jonghyun opted to leave a few buttons undone while Key stayed mostly buttoned up, but they both looked incredible!

9. Same jacket, two different colors

Minho and Key wore the same jacket, but they rocked it in different colors. Key wore it in black and Minho wore it in gray, but they both wore it best!

10. Onew and Key serving us splashes of color

Both of them rocked this black and white striped shirt. We love the artsy splashes of color, too!



Same Fit, Different Vibes