20 Times TWICE Mina’s Fashion Was On Point This Year

From suits to skirts, Mina looks fantastic in everything.

TWICE Mina is so gorgeous, she can make any outfit look luxurious. She’s beautiful, talented, and a natural model too! From floral dresses to snazzy suits, here (in no particular order) are some of Mina’s best looks of 2018.


1. This “Yes or Yes” plaid dress with zipper accents


2. This “The Year of Yes” vintage ensemble, complete with bows


3. This bright red sundress with adorable accessories!


4. This black and white, uniform-inspired crop top with pleated skirt


5. This black dress with rainbow accents and dangling earrings


6. This pastel pink mini-dress with frayed hems and ruffled sleeves


7. This classic blouse paired with a bold floral print dress


8. This classy airport fashion


9. These mismatched patterns that somehow look perfect together with pearls


10. This solid black uniform dress with lace sleeves


11. This plaid crop top that’s perfect for Summer Nights


12. This off the shoulder blouse with a mini skirt and statement earrings


13. This head to toe white outfit with sparkling, jeweled earrings


14. This sexy suit with a delicate collar broach


15. This blue, off the shoulder dress


16. This casual, layered outfit with a Gucci bag and silver sandals


17. This mysterious trench coat with spindly, black heels


18. This cropped, blue sweater with a black skirt and thin, plaid choker


19. This bat-like, satin blouse with sexy knee-high boots


20. This flower wearing a flower!