9 Times TWICE’s Momo Showed Off Her Ridiculously Toned And Strong Arms

Her arms are incredible!

TWICE‘s Momo is the very definition of fit!

TWICE’s Momo | @twicetagram/Instagram

Here are 9 times Momo’s arms looked ridiculously toned!

1. Debut Momo was super buff

This fancam from TWICE’s debut era perfectly shows just how strong Momo’s arms are!

2. This dance move really shows off her muscles

The first few seconds of the “Alcohol-Free” choreography gave Momo the chance to show her perfect arms off from all angles!

3. Gym bros are shaking looking at this picture

Look. At. Those. Muscles!

4. Her muscles aren’t just for show

Momo, drop the workout routine please!

5. Her biceps are everything

Momo looked so fit and toned in the “The Feels” music video!

6. The “Cheer Up” dance break was prime Strong Momo content

This bit of choreography featured lots of arms movements and gave Momo plenty of chances to show off her toned arms!

7. You can practically count her muscles

She’s not even flexing!

8. This takes a ridiculous amount of upper body strength and balance

If you needed proof of just how strong Momo is, here’s your proof!

9. “Move” Momo was truly something else

Momo’s arms looked incredible during her cover of SHINee Taemin‘s “Move” with Dahyun, Mina, and Chaeyoung!



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