Here Are 8 Times That TWICE Proved They Are The Queens Of TikTok

Number 4 is one of their most viewed!

TWICE are incredible performers but what happens when you take the skills needed for K-Pop and apply them to the internet? The TWICE TikTok account has the answer for you! (Hint: It involves great dancing and even greater memes)

1. “Coincidance”

TWICE is known for their excellent dancers so it was only a matter of time before two of them met to say “Wow, you can really dance” and the pair of Momo and Nayeon were just the ones to do it.


🤣❗WOW! You can really dance❗🤣 🤣❗어맛! 너 춤 좀 추네?❗🤣#TWICE #트와이스 #NAYEON #MOMO #나연 #모모 #나모 #NAMO

♬ Coincidance – Handsome Dancer

2. “Oh No”

As part of their promotions for their second season of “TIME TO TWICE” TDOONG ENTERTAINMENT, TWICE made an a small series of videos using this popular sound with some very relatable office moments.


When you get caught by your boss secretly watching your favorite artist😱🤣 #Ohno #TIMETOTWICE #tdoongentertainmentseason2 #TWICE #SANA #MINA

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

3.”Tell Me Without Telling Me”

TWICE did this challenge as a series with one for every member but Tzuyu had one of the most memorable ways to “tell she was Tzuyu.”


Tell me you’re TZUYU without telling you’re TZUYU🤣 #TWICE #트와이스 #TZUYU #쯔위 #tellmewithouttellingme #withouttellingme

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – TWICE – TWICE

4. “Watermelon Sugar” Hiiiiii

Based on Harry Styles hit song, this challenge has been used a lot in the world of pet TikTok but TWICE was able to put their own cute spin on it. As of right now, it is there second most viewed TikTok!


🐰🐻🐹🦄 Hiiiiii👋👋 #TWICE #트와이스

♬ Originalton – Baby Yoda

5.”Say So”

This viral hit from Doja Cat let Chaeyoung, Jihyo, and Nayeon flex their TikTok dance skills.


Say So💕 #TWICE #트와이스 #NAYEON #JIHYO #CHAEYOUNG #나연 #지효 #채영 #SaySo

♬ Say So – Doja Cat

6. “Stuck With U”

Released as a touching social distancing love song by Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande and followed up by an even more sentimental TikTok challenge, Sana and Mina bring the love and the ballet to this sweet video.


Stuck with U💕 #TWICE #트와이스 #SANA #MINA #사나 #미나 #StuckwithU

♬ Stuck with U – Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber

7. “Can’t Touch This”

Momo and Chaeyoung are fierce on this remix of the 90’s hit by MC Hammer. The girls slay with a mix of “Macarena” moves and “More & More” costumes.


모챙 #TWICE #트와이스 #MOREandMORE #moreandmoretwice #MOCHAENG #모챙

♬ original sound – JLO

8. JYP Photos

TWICE can even create their own challenges! During “Alcohol-Free” promotions, Tzuyu and Dahyun revived the JYP (also known as J.Y. Park and Park Jin Young) meme of remaking his “boyfriend photos”, this time in TikTok form.


That’s what you do to me🥴#TWICE #트와이스#Taste_of_Love#AlcoholFree #알콜프리

♬ Alcohol-Free – TWICE

To see the rest of TWICE’s TikTok content check them out at @twice_tiktok_official for “More & More” memes, dance covers, and TWICE specific clips!

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