TWICE’s Momo Copied JYP And Turned Him Into A Meme – Other JYP Entertainment Idols Respond

They did what now?

JYP, the “Asian Soul” himself, was made into a meme on online communities quite recently, for photos that fans call “boyfriend pics”. These “boyfriend pics” or namchin-jjal, are usually photos by which idols take that look like the were taken from the point of view of a girlfriend. In fact, one of the idols famous for nailing it is NCT‘s Doyoung.

Some of JYP’s “boyfriend pics” that have been circulating the web include the following. The famous, “Honey, I’m drunk” meme.

| @asiansoul_JYP/Instagram

“Honey, try a bite of this!”

And the epic, “boyfriend in bed” meme that has been captioned, “Honey. Why are you murmuring (in your sleep) again?”

The meme got so famous that TWICE just had to replicate it! JYP recently posted a screenshot on his Instagram account himself, claiming that he had received a message from Jeongyeon who had made her members’ parodies into the meme.

Momo and Chaeyoung had imitated the pose while Jeongyeon the mastermind, had compiled it into one frame and sent it off to their CEO. What was more so hilarious was JYP’s reaction to it, where he begged the public to stop making his photos into memes to prevent his artists from following it! Netizens found the situation hilarious as well, and requested for other JYP Entertainment artists to make it a challenge.

A few of his other artists replied to the post as well, with former Wonder Girls‘ member Yubin commenting that she was tempted to follow suit. GOT7‘s Youngjae wondered if this was a company sanctioned thing and if he had to do it too, while 2PM‘s Junho egged it on for a viral challenge. Former JYP Entertainment artist, Jamie (Park Jimin) also showed her support by praising him as the OG meme.

Not going to lie, we’re kind of hoping it will become a viral challenge like Junho wanted, so that we can see the other artists copy the iconic man himself. After all, we already got MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa imitating JYP with vinyl pants, so this shouldn’t be impossible!

Source: theqoo and hygall