10 Of The Most Controversial Stage Outfits Ever Worn By K-Pop Idols

These outfits caused quite the stir.

1. Girl’s Day

Back in 2011 Girl’s Day got a lot of negative attention for their odd stage outfits. The outfits featured short yellow dresses and what some people referred to as diapers.

The “diaper fashion” received a lot of criticism from both the public and media because the outfits were seen as inappropriate as some of the girls were minors at the time.


The group received a lot of criticism for their short and revealing outfits at the 2011 KBS Music Festival.

Their “So Cool” performance was a little too sexy for some people.

3. Girls’ Generation

Many netizens were worried about Girls’ Generation when someone noticed their stage outfits seem to follow the design of Dolce & Gabbana.

Some netizens thought it was simply a homage to the brand while others thought it was blatant plagiarism.


When PRITZ was new on the K-Pop scene they were already causing a scene due to one particular stage outfit. There were claims that the armband worn by the members were reminiscent of the Nazi swastika flag.

The outcry over the outfit was so big that PRITZ’s agency Pandagram had to release a statement that they had no intention of replicating Nazi uniforms.

5. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Taeyeon

Tiffany and Taeyeon received a lot of attention for their “Lady Marmalade” outfits.

While their outfits are risqué, many fans actually quite liked the style!


The skin-tight pink jumpsuits that SIXBOMB wore in their “Wait 10 Years Baby” MV really did not go over well.

The outfits were considered so bad that they were banned from all music shows!

7. Year 7 Class 1

This group sparked some major outrage with their racy stage outfits and suggestive dance moves.

Many people thought the main problem with this group was that their concept was to represent a high school class.

8. PSY

PSY channeled Beyoncé when he wore this short red jumpsuit!

And the outfit also left many people wondering what he was thinking!

But this isn’t the only time that PSY has puzzled audiences with his unique stage outfits.

He’s certainly the master of unexpected outfits!

And unique performances.

9. Former 2AM’s Jo Kwon

When Jo Kwon took on the role of a drag queen in “Golden Tamborine” and “Priscilla” he may not have guessed what a stir it would cause!

His performance and costume were so realistic that he had to explain multiple times that he wasn’t really a drag queen.

10. N.O.M

But perhaps the most shocking stage outfit is N.O.M’s!

Their revealing outfit leaves little to the imagination.

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