The Top 10 Most Streamed Female K-Pop Groups On Spotify In 2021

These ladies killed it this year!

Spotify just released their 2021 Wrapped campaign, and the data shows that K-Pop groups received lots of streams this year!

| @Spotify/Twitter

Spotify not only revealed the top 10 K-Pop acts, but the streaming service also revealed which female groups have been streamed the most this year.

Here’s a look at the top 10 female K-Pop groups on Spotify for 2021, as well as a look back on some of their releases from this year!

10. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher was very busy this year and they released 3 mini albums!

“Odd Eye” from Dystopia: The Road to Utopia has been streamed 18 million times, and “BEcause” from the Summer Holiday mini album received 11 million streams. Their most streamed song is 2020’s “Scream” with 31.4 million streams. Dreamcatcher has 1.1 million monthly listeners.


IZ*ONE had a great year on Spotify!

IZ*ONE released two singles this year, “D-D-DANCE” and “ZERO:ATTITUDE.” “D-D-DANCE” racked up an impressive 8.9 million streams, and the group’s most streamed song is “La Vie en Rose” with 103.1 million streams. The group has 1.6 million monthly listeners.

8. aespa

These monster rookies had a great year!

They released the singles “Forever” and “Next Level,” and they released their first mini album Savage with a title track of the same name. “Forever” has 10.9 million streams, “Next Level” has 83.9 million streams, and “Savage” has 39.3 million streams. Their debut song “Black Mamba” is their most streamed track with 91.6 million streams. This group has 4.1 million monthly listeners.


LOONA also had a great year on Spotify!

They released the [&] mini album, the single “Not Friends,” and their debut Japanese single “Hula Hoop.” “PTT (Paint the Town),” the title track from [&] was streamed 29.1 million times. Their most streamed song is 2019’s “Butterfly” with 39.5 million streams. LOONA has 2.1 million monthly listeners.


MAMAMOO was busy this year!

They released Japanese versions of their songs “Dingga,” “AYA,” and “Where Are We Now.” They also released the WAW mini album and I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST album. “Where Are We Now,” WAW‘s title track, has 7.1 million streams. Their most streamed song is 2019’s “HIP” with 157.6 million streams. MAMAMOO has 3.1 million monthly listeners.

5. (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE starts off the top 5!

This year, they released the I burn mini album wit the title track “HWAA,” and they also released the single “Last Dance.” “HWAA” has 36.8 million streams. Their most streamed song is K/DA‘s “POP/STARS,” which features the voices of Miyeon and Soyeon. This song has 232.7 million streams, and their next most streamed song is “MORE” with 124.4 million streams. (G)I-DLE has 4.1 million monthly listeners.

4. Red Velvet

Looks like fans couldn’t wait for Red Velvet to return to the stage after they released “Psycho” in 2019!

The group released their 6th mini album, Queendom, in August, and it was a huge success! The title track “Queendom” has been streamed 40.1 million times since its release, and Red Velvet has 5.2 million monthly listeners. Fans still can’t get enough of  “Psycho,” which takes the spot of the group’s #1 most streamed song with 266.7 million streams. Red Velvet has 5.2 million monthly listeners.


Everybody was going “LOCO” for ITZY this year!

The group released their GUESS WHO mini album in April and the Crazy in Love album in September. “Mafia in the Morning” from GUESS WHO has 96.2 million streams while “LOCO” from Crazy in Love has 54.2 million streams. “WANNABE” was released in 2020, and it’s currently the group’s most streamed song with 201.1 million streams. ITZY has 5.5 million monthly listeners.


TWICE fed ONCEs well this year!

They released a Korean mini album (Taste of Love) and full-length album (Formula of Love: O+T=<3), an English single (“The Feels”), and a Japanese mini album (Kura Kura) and full-length album (Perfect World). Alcohol-Free” from Taste of Love has 93.2 million streams, “The Feels” has 80 million streams, and “The Scientist” from Formula of Love: O+T=<3 has 13.9 million streams.“Fancy” was released in 2019 and has 267.9 million streams, which makes it the group’s most streamed song. TWICE has an impressive 10.7 million monthly listeners!


BLACKPINK tops the list!

In 2021, the group released a live album BLACKPINK 2021 “The Show” Live, and they released Japanese versions of a few songs from the 2020 album, The Album. The Japanese version of “Pretty Savage” is their most streamed release of the year, and it has 212.4 million streams. Their most streamed song ever is “How You Like That” with 542.2 million streams. BLACKPINK has a whopping 13.8 million monthly listeners.