The Top 10 Most Streamed K-Pop Artists On Spotify In 2021

Did you listen to these artists this year?

Spotify has finally released their 2021 Wrapped campaign!

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Spotify users all over the world are having fun finding out which artists and songs they listened to most this past year. As you check out your own Spotify Wrapped, take a look at which K-Pop artists were streamed the most on Spotify in 2021 and look back on some of the music they released this year.

10. Red Velvet

2021 was a great year for Red Velvet!

The group released their 6th mini album, Queendom, in August, and it was a huge success! The title track “Queendom” has been streamed 40.1 million times since its release, and Red Velvet has 5.2 million monthly listeners. Fans still can’t get enough of 2019’s “Psycho,” which takes the spot of the group’s #1 most streamed song with 266.7 million streams. Looks like Spotify is definitely Red Velvet’s Queendom!

9. EXO

EXO released their highly anticipated mini album, Don’t Fight the Feeling, in June of this year, and it looks like fans can’t get enough!

The title track “Don’t Fight the Feeling” has racked up 29.8 million streams since its release, and EXO currently has 4.1 million monthly listeners.” “Love Shot” was released in 2018, and it’s still the group’s most streamed song with 193.6 million streams.


2021 was a busy year for ITZY!

They released their GUESS WHO mini album in April and the Crazy in Love album in September. Fans have been streaming the heck out of both albums, and “Mafia in the Morning” from GUESS WHO has 96.2 million streams while “LOCO” from Crazy in Love has 54.2 million streams. “WANNABE” was released in 2020, and it’s still the group’s most streamed song with 201.1 million streams. ITZY has an impressive 5.5 million monthly listeners.


SEVENTEEN released two great mini albums this year, Your Choice in June and Attacca in October.

“Ready to Love” from Your Choice currently has 26.7 million streams and “Rock with You” from Attacca has 17.6 million streams. Their 2017 song “Don’t Wanna Cry” is proving to be a timeless bop with 120.2 million streams, making it their most streamed song. SEVENTEEN currently has 4 million monthly listeners.

6. IU

IU is the only soloist to make it into the top 10 K-Pop artists for the year!

She released the LILAC album in March and recently released a digital single called “strawberry moon.” “Lilac” from the album of the same name has been streamed 63.3 million times since its release and “eight”, IU’s collab with BTS‘s Suga, is her most streamed song with 175 million streams. IU has 5.7 million monthly listeners.

5. TXT

TXT put out two full-length albums as part of their The Chaos Chapter series this year.

The Chaos Chapter: Freeze came out in May, and The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape came out in August. MOAs seem to love both albums and the title tracks from each album have 89.3 million and 55.3 million streams respectively. Their debut song “CROWN” is actually their most streamed song with 116.1 million streams. How’s that for an iconic debut?!

TXT has 5.7 million monthly listeners.

4. Stray Kids

Stray Kids gave fans plenty of gifts in the form of singles, OSTs, and an album this year!

“Thunderous,” the title track from the NOEASY album they released in August, has 52.6 million streams, and “DOMINO” and “Red Lights” from the same album have both racked up over 20 million streams. “God’s Menu” is currently their most streamed song with 141.9 million streams. Stray Kids has 5.1 million listeners.


TWICE was very busy in 2021!

The Taste of Love mini album came out in June, their first English single “The Feels” came out in October, and their Formula of Love: O+T=<3 album came out in November. “Alcohol-Free” from Taste of Love has 93.2 million streams, “The Feels” has 80 million streams, and “The Scientist” from Formula of Love: O+T=<3 has 13.9 million streams. “Fancy” was released in 2019 and has 267.9 million streams, making it the group’s most streamed song. TWICE may introduce themselves as “one in a million,” but they have a whopping 10.7 million monthly listeners!


BLACKPINK was definitely in Spotify’s area this year!

They released a live album BLACKPINK 2021 “The Show” Live in June, and they released Japanese versions of a few songs from the 2020 album, The Album. The Japanese version of “Pretty Savage” is their most streamed release of the year, and it has 212.4 million streams. Their most streamed song is “How You Like That” with 542.2 million streams. BLACKPINK has 13.8 million monthly listeners.

1. BTS

BTS had a massive year on Spotify!

They released their English singles “Butter” and “Permission to Dance,” and they collabed with Coldplay on “My Universe.” They also worked with Megan Thee Stallion on a remix of “Butter.” “Butter” has 675.8 million streams, “Permission to Dance” has 335.6 million streams, and “My Universe” has 254.8 million streams. Their most streamed song is “Dynamite” with an incredible 1.1 BILLION streams! BTS has 40.5 million monthly listeners.