Here Are The Top 10 Girl Groups In South Korea For October 2021

Did your favs make it to the list?

It’s time for the monthly brand rankings once again! The Korean Business Research Association has just released the girl group brand rankings for October 2021, based on various big data collected. Here are the top 10 girl groups for the month in order of 1st to 10th.


The girls won with a total of 308,244 social media points, 1,100,672 media points, 1,231,958 communication points and 3,451,167 community points. They won with a total of 6,092,040 points! Comparing with their score from September (3,702,433) the girls made a 64.54% increase. This was probably due to them becoming a hot issue overseas at Paris Fashion Week, and also Lisa‘s amazing solo. Well done girls.

2. aespa

These girls are on the “Next Level” with how quick they’re becoming a top tier girl group. Their total points are at 3,770,631, a 48.12% increase from the previous month (2,545,718). The girls also recently launched their latest comeback, “Savage”.

3. Girls’ Generation

It is absolutely amazing how Girls’ Generation remains so popular despite having been in the industry for 14 years and counting. This longevity is unparalleled! They come in at 3,126,468 points, a 13.2% decrease from last month. However, this is still an amazing feat given that they aren’t active in promotions as a group for the moment.

4. Red Velvet

Red Velvet comes in 4th for brand rankings, after their comeback with “Queendom”. Joy‘s media talkability also would have increased their points significantly with her public relationship with Crush. On the other hand, Wendy is making a huge splash on SNL!


The monster rookies to watch, although they don’t come from a huge agency, they’re doing great. In fact, their company only has 5 employees at the moment. What an amazing feat!


TWICE has kept their eye off the Korean market for the time being and is aiming for all our “feels” with their American release, “The Feels”. Perhaps that relates to why they have dropped on the brand ranking charts for a while. Fret not! They will soon rise again as soon as they make a comeback in South Korea!

7. Lovelyz

Lovelyz’s win can be chalked up to Mijoo for her active promotions on various variety shows at the moment, including Sixth Sense and Learn Way.


OH MY GIRL is making waves with their steady rise in popularity! They’re currently on break at the moment from music promotions, making their current rankings impressive.


MAMAMOO’s last comeback was in September with I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST. It’s no surprise that as they are resting now, their brand rankings for October would have dropped.

10. Brave Girls

Brave Girls made an iconic rise to fame with their hit song “Rollin'”. They are currently on break after promotions for “Chi Mat Ba Ram” in the summer.

Although they’re not in the top 10, Apink, Weeekly, ITZY and more were hot on the tails. Brand rankings are judged based on the influence that these celebrities have on consumers, and are usually collected through clickability, mentions and more. This round, over 47,766,752 pieces of big data were analyzed to come up with the results.


Source: Star Today