Top 10 Korean Snacks To Air Fry: Taste Heaven With Everyone’s New Favorite Appliance

Korean munchies are good, but air fried Korean munchies are on another level.

Over the past few years, air fryers have undoubtedly become Korea’s most beloved kitchen appliance. Aside from the actual recipes which require air fryers, Korean netizens have experimented and shared their most successful creations — featuring these gwaja (과자, snack) brands. Korean munchies are good, but air fried Korean munchies are on another level. Oh, there you go running to the nearest Korean market… off you go then!


1. Homerun Ball

Air fried Homerun Ball snacks are crispy on the outside, with oozing hot chocolate inside. Run 3 minutes at 360 degrees and these golden-brown balls of glory will take you to heaven.

I air fried Homerun Balls — you all must mark my words. 3 minutes at 360, it’s fucking delish.

— Twitter @sjloveelf_1106


2. Matdongsan

This nutty goodness becomes exponentially better when air fried to an even crunchier being. Remember, stick the matdongsan in the air fryer for 5 minutes, 360 degrees.

Forget Homerun Balls, it’s Matdongsan time now. Air fry it and it’s no longer an old people snack! The sugar coating will melt and it becomes even crunchier. 5 minutes at 360. Remember!

— Twitter @v_min04


3. French Pie

French Pie, which actually comes in four different flavors of strawberry, apple, grape, and chocolate, is sweeping snackers off their feet too — with their fresh-out-of-the-oven texture. Run 3 minutes 30 seconds at 320 degrees for maximum noms.

Air fry your french pies please. It’s FU-CKING-GOOD. It’s not so flaky once air fried. The jam sweetens too, so it’s crispy sweet. I’m going to be hooked on this for a while…

— Twitter @SinSegyeya


4. Margaret

Air fried Margaret cookies come rich with that irresistible nutty, buttery flavor. Try 5 minutes at 360 degrees and let it rest for a while for maximum CRONCH!

It’s buttery, it’s nutty… I can finish a box of these in one sitting. It turns brown, but if you don’t like the slight overbaking, try 340 instead of 360 degrees. Be sure to let it sit for a while first. If you eat it straight out of the fryer, it will actually be soft.

— Twitter @baegopa_T__T


5. Choco Pie

Oh yes, it’s fluffy alright! But once air fried, Choco Pie becomes heaven-sent s’mores on the go. Split the cake in half to reveal the marshmallow filling and warm up for 5 minutes at 360 degrees.

These are like crispy s’mores. They’re so good!

— Twitter @pistachi0o0


6. Custard

Custards are, right alongside Choco Pie, one of Korea’s longest running bread-type snacks beloved for its creamy filling. What happens to it with 4 minutes air frying at 360 degrees? Well, the cream melts and the bread crisps — and that can’t ever go wrong, can it?

It’s crispy on the outside, but the cream is hot and melted. It’s so good, this is insane.

— Twitter @eateatgood


7. Scotch Candy Ball

Scotch Candyball Snack, on its own, tastes like caramel popcorn with all the flavors cranked up to the max. Sticking these in the air fryer for 6 minutes at 320 degrees will take that up a notch… which means, these taste out of this world good.

The coated butter caramel seasoning on the outside gets toasted… turning this into the most bittersweet crunchy savory snack ever. This is a revolutionary discovery guys.

— Twitter @totheno1


8. Glutinous Rice Cake Cookies


As far as anything mochi goes, that is already a guaranteed YUM. So these chalddeok cookies, or quite frankly “Glutinous Rice Cake Cookies” in English, are 300% finger-licking good. All it takes is a brief 5 minutes at 360 degrees!

The rice cake will soften so it stretches when you bite into it. The outside becomes crunchy… and it’s just too good to be true.

— Twitter @Gang_what


9. Drumsticks

If real drumsticks belong in the air fryer, so do these drumstick-shaped chicken flavored munchies! Air frying these for 5 minutes at 390 degrees will create your new favorite drinking snacks.

If you like fried chicken skin, you must try this… It tastes exactly like a freshly fried chicken skin and CALLS FOR ALCOHOL.

— Twitter @Illios_cm_YinYu


10. Samlip Pancake

Last, but not least, the hoddeok air fried is about to take over your breakfast menu. A couple of these fried 4 minutes at 360 degrees plus a cup of freshly brewed coffee? That’s bound to pick up your mornings.

I’m sharing this because it’s too good to be kept to myself. 4 minutes of air frying and it’s peak crispy sweet goodness T-T

— Twitter @wejang_tgd4