Here Are The Top 10 “Relay Dance” Videos With The Most Views On YouTube

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Relay Dance has been a staple part of Mnet‘s YouTube channel for quite some time now. Most idols will film a Relay Dance whenever they have a comeback. Here are the rankings for the Top 10 Relay Dance videos with the most views from the time of this post!

10. “La Vie en Rose”

IZ*ONE‘s “La Vie en Rose” has just hit 12,009,304 views! The song never gets old despite it being released almost two years ago.

9. “Maria”

MAMAMOO Hwasa‘s solo song, “Maria”, created a huge impact on the public. As of now, it has 12,407,636 views.

8. “CLAP”

Baksu! SEVENTEEN deserves a round of applause for their relay dance with so many members. They’ve reached 12,633,757 views.


Jessi‘s “NUNU NANA” was all the rage last summer. The addictive video has already hit 13,403,406 views.

6. “PICK ME”

IZ*ONE’s rendition of “PICK ME” was certainly chosen by the public. They’re at 13,584,781 views.

5. “Bad Boy”

Old but gold! Red Velvet‘s “Bad Boy” is such a classic. It levels up at 13,689,905 views.

4. “BOSS”

They can be our boss anytime! NCT U takes over with 13,983,499 views.

3. “YES or YES”

Well, we definitely can’t say no to TWICE! Their bubbly brand is cemented with 14,459,427 views.

2. “Dance The Night Away”

One of the more special videos filmed for Relay Dance, TWICE performed this one at KCON. It currently has 16,690,979 views.

1. “HIP”

It seems like MAMAMOO are the reigning queens this time. “HIP” has over 20,095,197 views.

Congratulations to these 10 groups for making it into the Top 10! Did your biases’ Relay Dance make it onto the list?

Source: Pann