These Are The Top 10 Rookie Girl Groups Of The Decade

All of them have marked their places in the history of K-Pop.

This decade has been blessed with girl groups bringing unprecedented talents and visuals to the industry. Every year, fans celebrated the beginnings of new idols pursuing their dreams and making good music. Some have disbanded, some have endured, some have reached new heights — but all of them have marked their places in the history of K-Pop. Here are 10 girl groups who made their debuts as the hottest rookies in each year of this decade.


1. miss A (2010)

In 2010, JYP Entertainment debuted miss A and the nation was shook. From Suzy‘s shockingly gorgeous visual to Fei‘s grooviest dance moves, miss A came with only the best qualities a rookie group could offer. Though the group disbanded over the years, their mega-hit song “Bad Girl, Good Girl” still remains a favorite among K-Pop fans and hoobae idols to cover.


2. Apink (2011)

In 2011, Apink debuted and made fanboys crush on them hard, with their “pure and innocent” concept. While such concept was not anything new to the industry, Apink’s version of it drove the K-Pop fans wild. Since debut, Apink have mostly stuck with the concept — now it is nearly impossible to imagine any girl group pulling off the concept better than Apink can.


3. AOA (2012)

When AOA debuted in 2012, they received spotlight for trying out an experimental “transformer” concept. The idea was that the group could freely cross over between being a dance-heavy idol group and being a band. While that plan didn’t quite work out, AOA did end up redefining the standards for K-Pop’s “sexy” concepts.


4. Ladies’ Code (2013)

In 2013, Ladies’ Code debuted as that girl group to include a few of the already-popular trainees, from TV audition programs like Star Audition : The Great Birth and Voice Korea, and fans got excited. Unfortunately, after releasing bops like “Pretty Pretty”, the group lost EunB and RiSe to a tragic car accident.


5. Red Velvet (2014)

SM Entertainment debuted its super rookie girl group Red Velvet in 2014 and wowed the fans. Trained to absolute perfection, and boasting incomparable visuals, Red Velvet’s arrival in the K-Pop scene raised the bar for all other rookie idols. Their “best of both worlds” idea of “Red vs. Velvet” duality existing in one group became quite intriguing — and the mastery of both light and dark concepts simply enchanted the nation.


6. TWICE (2015)

Following the grand finale of 2015’s most entertaining TV reality program Sixteen, JYPE debuted TWICE with the winning members — and they truly became one in a million kind of a girl group. Boasting a delicate balance of vocals, rappers, dancers, and visuals, TWICE have become an irreplaceable “full package” girl group.


7. BLACKPINK (2016)

In 2016, YG Entertainment had everyone screaming “BLACKPINK in your area”, with the birth of this new gem of a girl group. As the agency’s second girl group produced since 2NE1, BLACKPINK debuted under high anticipation. Without a doubt, BLACKPINK captured the eyes, ears, and hearts of K-Pop fans with their catchy AF boombayah-s and missile-like whistles.


8. Weki Meki (2017)

Weki Meki is another girl group which faced high expectations, even before the group made its official debut in 2017. That is because four of the eight members appeared on the first season of Produce 101 and two of those four members actually promoted as part of I.O.I after winning spots in the final round!


9. (G)I-DLE (2018)

When (G)I-DLE debuted in 2018, K-Pop fans rejoiced — charmed by the group’s most unique sounds as featured in songs like “Latata” and “Hann (Alone)”. Since debut, (G)I-DLE continue to remain unrivaled in their abilities to produce fresh music and jaw-dropping performances.


10. ITZY (2019)

The rookiest of all rookies, ITZY took their first step in the world of K-Pop in the beginning of the year 2019. With a few members like Yeji and Chaeryeong gaining popularity even before debut, ITZY were bound to become a sensation. Their debut track, “Dalla Dalla”, broke records as it swept the music charts. The members made sure K-Pop fans knew they were most definitely dalla.

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