TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of BTS’s V

“Visual” starts with “V”, coincidence? We think not!

1. Striped Tank & Blazer

Fans are never prepared for the moment when shrugs off his black blazer during BTS‘s “Run” performances. Underneath the blazer is a revealing, sleeveless top!


2. Black Suit & Sparkling Shirt

Fans don’t mind when V shows a little skin, but he looks just as sexy covered from head to toe in this smart black suit and shiny shirt. The patterned bandana adds a little flare and draws attention to V’s…umm…hips?


3. Black & Gold Ensemble

The detailing in V’s shirt matches his golden hair beautifully. The mix of light and dark also supports BTS’s theme of good versus evil, during their “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” era.


4. Plastic Jacket & White Shirt

V must have been sweating like crazy under that plastic jacket, but he looks amazing!


5. Leather Coat & Tie

V mixes formal wear with street-wear by combining a tie, dress pants, and dress shirt with a classic leather jacket.


6. Blue Velvet & Red Choker

V’s mixes a soft blue texture with solid black clothes. His red choker and his shirt’s plunging neckline add just enough sexiness to an otherwise simple outfit.


7. Silk Shirt

V gives off angelic vibes with his soft blonde hair and silver button-up.


8. Red & Gold Jacket

V is king of the stage in this regal, gold-embroidered, crimson jacket.


9. Patched Black Jacket

Jackets and V? That’s a match made in heaven! V rocks every gold patch on this sharp black jacket.


10. Gold & Black Jacket

V continues to show off how stunning he looks in this color combo. His jacket’s gold and hints of violet turn V into a shimmering star!