Top 10 Sexy Pictures Of BTS’s Jimin Looking Sinfully Hot In Ripped Jeans That’ll Make You Clutch Your Pearl Necklace

How could #3 and #7 look so similar, yet so different at the same time?

When it comes to the topic of “hotness”, BTS‘s Jimin is one K-Pop idol you’d think of — with his toned abs, fit body and dangerously sexy smirk, it’s no wonder why Jimin is a fan favorite.

Jimin is also an example that you don’t need overly sexy clothes or extremely revealing items of clothing to be sexy. In his case, sometimes, all he needs is a nice pair of ripped jeans and he can successfully turn the heat up without any extra effort.

Here are the top ten sexy pictures of Jimin wearing ripped jeans for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

1. The red-and-black combo just emphasizes his milky white skin

2. Is he going to the airport or to the runway?

3. An oldie but a goodie treat

4. An example of Jimin’s duality: hot body with an innocent face

5. His sharp jawline may be the reason why his pants are ripped

6. This is such a boyfriend look on him

7. Nothing to see here, just a brooding Jimin with a sexy expression on his face

8. Looking angelic in all-white? No, more like the opposite

9. He needed ripped pants so his wonderfully thicc thighs could breathe

10. Such a buff look on him — perfect with his “swag” style

Bonus: his smile says “I’m a mochi” but his body says “call me daddy”

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