These Are The Top 11 Most Followed K-Pop Groups On Twitter

They’ve captured the hearts of the internet

The dramatic rise of K-Pop all across the world can be attributed in part to how great the power of social media has been harnessed.

With sites like Twitter, people from all across the world are able to appreciate the talent and personalities of such hard-working idols.

11. TXT

TXT has just debuted this year and yet they are already some of the most followed K-Pop groups on Twitter, with more than 2 million followers.

10. NCT

The main NCT Twitter account has around 2.5 million followers and advertises activities of all members of each subunit.


BLACKPINK’s Twitter account has 2.7 million followers and pays tribute to the love and support of BLINKs through its username and the content that the account shares.


Although the group’s contract has ended at the end of last year, their Twitter account is still one of the most followed out of all K-Pop groups. The memories of WANNA ONE as well as the current activities of the member have encouraged fans to continue supporting the group and keep hopeful for a reunion in the future.


MONSTA X has more than 3 million followers on Twitter who get to enjoy seeing HD photos and videos of the members touring the world and performing in front of fans.

6. Girls’ Generation

As one of the legendary and groundbreaking groups of K-Pop, Girls’ Generation has continued to capture the support of fans on Twitter, as fans are kept updated on the members’ successful solo careers and on hints for an eventual reunion.


As the “Nation’s Girl Group”, TWICE is able to continue charming the world with their infectious personalities and cheerful music through Twitter, which has almost four million followers.


SEVENTEEN has more than 4 million followers where they regularly kept fans updated on the activities of the members and the group, as well as indicating some plans for their next comeback.

3. EXO

EXO has almost 6 million followers, who have been able to follow the activities of subunits and solo tracks from the members this year. While it has certainly been a busy year for EXO due to their touring and the members’ subunits, it has been promised that EXO will make a comeback before winter this year.

2. GOT7

GOT7 are currently embarking on their latest world tour Keep Spinning Tour. With more than 6 million followers currently, fans have been able to see more of the hilarious interactions and amazing chemistry between the GOT7 members on their Twitter account.

1. BTS

As per everyone’s expectation, the most followed K-Pop group on Twitter is BTS. BTS is a perfect example for a group that has managed to harness the power of social media, with frequent interactions and engagements with fans on Twitter and consistent posting of content to do with the members’ daily life and thoughts.

With such a large social influence, BTS has even earned a place in the Guinness World Records for the world record for the most Twitter engagements and have even been awarded their own emoji on Twitter.

As K-Pop continues to grow across the world, it is clear that social media will continue to play a role in its spread.