Here Are 20 Must-See Moments From HallyuPopFest’s Unforgettable Weekend Of K-Pop In London

It was an event that showcased K-Pop’s global influence!

K-Pop recently made its way to England and took over London’s capital when HallyuPopFest arrived at the OVO Arena. Over two days, K-Pop fans worldwide came together to see some of the biggest idols and artists perform during one of the hottest weekends of the year.

With so much that happened, here are 20 moments from the event you have to see!

1. Soloist Sam Kim started the show off perfectly, capturing the audience’s attention with his vocals.

He even treated the crowd to his OSTs from the K-Dramas Our Beloved Summer and Nevertheless.

2. There’s nothing better than a “Random Cover” challenge and P1Harmony slayed with covers from TWICE, IVE and SF9!

P1Harmony proved they are also the biggest K-Pop fans as they danced to some of the most-loved tracks.

3. Of course, nothing beats P1Harmony performing their tracks because they brought the fire.

They rocked the stage so much that everyone wanted to know about one of the hottest 4th generation groups.

4. ONEUS’s first time performing in Europe didn’t disappoint, and they made every moment of their stage count!

As soon as the members of ONEUS came out on stage, they proved why they are known as the “Performance Kings.”

5. ONEUS are the epitome of duality with their diverse discography.

One minute, they were killing the stage with their bold concepts. The next, they made the whole arena smile with their track “Life is Beautiful.” We stan diverse kings!

6. ASTRO lit up the stage as a group and with their subunits… sorry, it was just a lot to take in.

How can ASTRO go from super sexy to actually adorable AF within the space of a few minutes?

7. The arena went crazy for EVERGLOW, and it isn’t surprising to see why.

From the minute the group stepped onto the stage, the crowds were singing along to their badass tracks.

8. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa made sure to make her presence known and set the stage on fire…

Let’s just say that it wasn’t just the weather heating up the OVO arena.

9. Queen Hwasa also provided a true fan service, and we’re jealous AF.

Let’s just say one lucky member of the audience won’t be forgetting this birthday any time soon.

10. There is no question that EXO’s Chen is the true epitome of a real-life prince!

His visuals were definitely something out of a fairytale book and he is the true definition of “Husband” material.

11. At the end of the first night, Chen melted the hearts of everyone in the audience with his honey vocals.

From his presence on stage to his vocals and charm, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after he finished singing.

12. Everyone left HallyuPopFest in love with Paul Kim because not only is he so talented, but he is truly charismatic.

He sang “So Long” from Hotel Del Luna and flirted with fans… what else is there to want?

13. Whether it was their own tracks or a dance cover, WEEEKLY are definitely ready to take over K-Pop.

Can someone confirm they’re still rookies? WEEKLY they owned the stage.

14. CRAVITY made their presence known with their powerful performances.

How can some of the cutest human beings on the planet suddenly change so quickly when they start performing?

15. Everyone is ready to stan CIX because they’re not just fantastic performers but genuinely lovely people.

On stage, they set the stage on fire, and even when meeting fans, they proved to be truly humble and friendly.

16. Wait, are you sure Kep1er are rookies? The reactions from the audience at their first international concert proved otherwise!

As soon as the group came on stage, it was almost impossible to hear anything but cheers from across the arena.

17. If this is the reaction to Kep1er on their first international outing, imagine the success worldwide.

From “WA DA DA” to “Up!”, everyone in the arena sang and danced.

18. SF9 proved to be true professionals during their set, whether it was a music mix-up or a wardrobe malfunction.

Not even a technical difficulty or issue with Yoo Taeyang’s outfit would stop SF9 from performing for FANTASY.

19. If SF9 was sexy AF, EXO’s Kai continued to bring the heat, and the arena erupted when the idol arrived on stage and performed his hits.

It must be illegal to be so handsome…

20. Kai came back for EXO-Ls, and he didn’t disappoint.

The EXO singer continues to prove how much he loves his fans, and in return, the arena was full of cheers.


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