These Have Been The Top 20 Most-Watched K-Pop Teasers Of 2020 So Far

There have been so many highly anticipated comebacks this year!

K-Pop comeback teasers are a great way to get fans hyped up for a new release if they’re done well! They’ve become a common tactic for companies to use to create excitement, and for good reason. Teasers have been drawing in a lot of views as K-Pop becomes more popular, with some getting even more views than most K-pop music videos themselves got several years ago! With so many popular groups and artists having comebacks this year, tons of teasers got millions of views. These are the top 20 most-watched so far of the year.

20. “Fiesta” by IZ*ONE

Release date: February 11

Views: 1.23 million

19. “Not by the Moon” by GOT7

Release date: April 14

Views: 1.97 million

18. “God’s Menu” by Stray Kids

Release date: June 14

Views: 2.07 million

17. “Oh My God” by (G)I-DLE

Release date: April 5

Views: 2.07 million

16. “Ridin'” by NCT Dream

Release date: April 28

Views: 2.10 million

15. “What You Waiting For” by Somi (Teaser 1)

Release date: July 16

Views: 2.18 million

14. “Apple” by GFRIEND (Teaser 2)

Release date: July 11

Views: 2.33 million

13. “Apple” by GFRIEND (Teaser 1)

Release date: July 9

Views: 2.44 million

12. “Crossroads” by GFRIEND

Release date: January 29

Views: 2.60 million

11. “Monster” by Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi (Teaser 2)

Release date: July 4

Views: 2.62 million

10. “What You Waiting For” by Somi (Teaser 2)

Release date: July 19

Views: 3.54 million

9. “WANNABE” by ITZY (Teaser 1)

Release date: March 4

Views: 3.97 million

8. “Monster” by Irene & Seulgi (Teaser 1)

Release date: July 3

Views: 4.43 million

7. “Eight” by IU ft. Suga

Release date: May 4

Views: 5.97 million

6. “WANNABE” by ITZY (Teaser 2)

Release date: March 5

Views: 7.03 million


Release date: January 29

Views: 8.62 million

4. “More & More” by TWICE (Dance Break Teaser)

Release date: May 27

Views: 9.46 million

3. “More & More” by TWICE

Release date: May 25

Views: 11.72 million

2. “Not Shy” by ITZY

Release date: August 11

Views: 12.28 million

1. “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK

Release date: June 23

Views: 26.70 million