Top 3 Most Hilarious Mistakes Made By K-Pop Idols On Variety Shows

They fit the context so well.

Variety shows are meant to be entertaining, but sometimes the guests add unexpected laughs because of their mistakes. Although unintended, these mistakes indirectly offended other guests on the show, not that they seemed to mind. See the top three most legendary mistakes made on variety shows below!

1. CL

The first legendary mistake is the hilarious interaction between CL and Noh Hong Chul. During an interview, CL asked Noh Hong Chul if he was going to drive because he was wearing a train conductor’s hat.

Oppa, are you gonna drive today? Your hat is…

— CL

Unfortunately, she had forgotten that Noh Hong Chul had to withdraw from his TV appearances in 2014 because of a DUI controversy. When she realized her mistake, she couldn’t hide her shock and embarrassment.

Her expressions were very genuine, and she definitely looked apologetic.

2. GFRIEND’s Yerin

GFRIEND‘s Yerin guested on the seventh episode of MBC‘s Unexpected Q where she made the cutest mistake. When asked what song makes her the most hyped, she chose BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang” without hesitation and energetically danced to it.

“Bang Bang Bang”, however, has a choreography that involves the fists and makes the person look like they are punching something. Yerin unfortunately danced towards Kim Chang Ryul‘s direction. In 2015, Kim Chang Ryul was accused of assaulting and stealing from a former Wonder Boyz member.

After realizing her mistake, Yerin quickly stood up and began profusely apologizing to Kim Chang Ryul, who quickly forgave her.

3. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu guested in KBS‘s Happy Together alongside JeA, Cheetah, Don Spike and Kim Gwangyu. Mingyu was asked how to take boyfriend pictures, so he gave the other guests several tips.

One of the tips he gave was regarding styling one’s hair.

You have to fix your hair naturally.

— Mingyu

Unfortunately, he forgot that the two male guests, Don Spike and Kim Gwangyu, are either bald or partially bald. The two hilariously commented how they were eager to learn his tips but simply had no way of fixing their nonexistent hair.

Mingyu immediately stood up and bowed 90 degrees to them, apologizing over and over again.