Here Are The Top 5 Female Idols Who Reign As The Current “Face Geniuses of K-Pop”

Wow… (stands here shooketh AF)

With all the breathtaking gorgeousness that is happening in K-Pop daily, there isn’t really a way to rank their visuals because… well, because TBH, they all look like #1. But, if the ranking had to be done, K-Pop girl group stans would most likely agree that these 5 female idols would probably top that chart. Rightfully so, these five girl group members are K-Pop’s top 5 “Face Geniuses” whose visuals just win. (Note: These are not listed in any particular order. They’re all so good-looking AF and we can’t. We just can’t.)


1. TWICE’s Tzuyu

TWICE‘s Tzuyu has been previously voted the best-looking female idol of K-Pop by her fellow girl group colleagues. That is to say, she’s a true visual star with one genius of a face!


2. AOA’s Seolhyun

AOA‘s Seolhyun once led the nation straight into a frenzy with her visual featured in a cellphone ad. Not only was her face flawless, but her physique had everyone going on a “Seolhyun Diet”. That kind of power is more than enough to put her right on this list!


3. Red Velvet’s Irene

Legends say, Red Velvet‘s Irene has always been a face genius — way back since she was a teen, even before she debuted as an idol. Fellow students from all over town went rushing to her school campus just to catch a glimpse see her beauty… and frankly, we can relate. We’d do the same too.


4. ITZY’s Yuna

ITZY‘s Yuna swept the nation with her debut as a mega rookie. Her unrivaled visual made her the next generation runner up in JYP Entertainment‘s most beloved “Golden Maknae” list!


5. Apink’s Son Naeun

Needless to say, K-Pop fans are well aware of Apink‘s Son Naeun being the “Human Adidas”. Her visual, in combination of her iconic leggings outfit, has made her irreplaceable — especially when it comes to lists like this one, featuring K-Pop’s most unique beauties!

Source: YouTube