These Are The Top 5 Most-Googled Female Visual K-Pop Idols Each Year From 2013 Until Now

The list might surprise you!

Visual members of K-Pop groups are oftentimes some of the most popular. They are frequently the center member, which makes them one of the first gateways when discovering a group! And let’s be honest, they’re simply appreciated for their gorgeous looks!

Over the years, Google kept track of most-searched trends on their search engine, and this includes data on K-Pop idols. The following list is made of the most-searched female visual K-Pop idols each year from 2013 until now.

Here are the 5 most popular female visual idols from each of those years based on search trends.


5th. Krystal (f(x)): 13 points

4th. Dara (2NE1): 16 points

3rd. Jiyeon (T-ARA): 26 points

2nd. Suzy (Miss A): 29 points

1st. Yoona (Girls’ Generation): 99 points


5th. Dara (2NE1): 15 points

4th. Yura (Girl’s Day): 16 points

3rd. Jiyeon (T-ARA): 17 points

2nd. Suzy (Miss A): 28 points

1st. Yoona (Girls’ Generation): 47 points


5th. Irene (Red Velvet): 14 points

4th. Hani (EXID): 26 points

3rd. Yoona (Girls’ Generation): 38 points

2nd. Suzy (Miss A): 46 points

1st. Tzuyu (TWICE): 87 points


5th. Irene (Red Velvet): 19 points

4th. Tzuyu (TWICE): 23 points

3rd. Sulli (f(x)): 29 points

2nd. Yoona (Girls’ Generation): 34 points

1st. Suzy (Miss A): 55 points


5th. Irene (Red Velvet): 23 points

4th. Sunmi (Wonder Girls): 24 points

3rd. Yoona (Girls’ Generation): 24 points

2nd. Tzuyu (TWICE): 29 points

1st. Suzy (Miss A): 33 points


5th. Suzy (Miss A): 19 points

4th. Yoona (Girls’ Generation): 24 points

3rd. Irene (Red Velvet): 24 points

2nd. Tzuyu (TWICE): 29 points

1st. Jisoo (BLACKPINK): 36 points


5th. Nancy (MOMOLAND): 19 points

4th. Irene (Red Velvet): 24 points

3rd. Tzuyu (TWICE): 24 points

2nd. Suzy (Miss A): 26 points

1st. Jisoo (BLACKPINK): 28 points


5th. Somi (I.O.I): 22 points

4th. Tzuyu (TWICE): 23 points

3rd. Suzy (Miss A): 27 points

2nd. Irene (Red Velvet): 28 points

1st. Jisoo (BLACKPINK): 53 points

Watch the full timeline of this data here:

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