Top 5 Heart-Breaking Moments When MAMAMOO Revealed How Much They Were Harshly Ignored And Ridiculed In The Past

Can you believe someone had the audacity to say #4 to Hwasa?

Right now, because of all the success and the awards that MAMAMOO has rightfully received, you may think that this top-tier girl group started off easily.

After all, they are highly successful now, so they must have had it easy…



The truth of the matter is, the members actually struggled and worked extra hard to be where they are today.

Here are five moments when MAMAMOO admitted to being ignored or ridiculed in the past — don’t read if you get angry easily!

1. They didn’t even think that they would become successful

When asked if they ever thought they would be successful, the members honestly said no.

Perhaps this insecurity stemmed from when their agency directly told that they don’t really have the right visuals to look like a model…

…and that they weren’t exceptionally pretty, either, so they had to work hard to prove everyone wrong.

This may also be the reason why MAMAMOO is an advocate of female empowerment, as you can notice from their songs. They know the feeling of being told you’re “not pretty enough” so they want to tell their fans that it’s definitely acceptable for you to love yourself for who you are.

2. What’s the hardest moment that made you want to give up after debuting?

After their debut, MAMAMOO didn’t have a lot of schedules yet, but they did meet a lot of people.

And to their surprise, most of the people they have met ignored them.

They reminisce about how there were a lot of people who ignored them in the past. Solar also admitted that this made them mad in the past, but Hwasa said that this incident motivated them to work hard and be recognized for their talents.

3. Their one humble request to the PD

Solar didn’t hold anything back when she told the PD to please…

…please do not edit them out in the final version of the video. She says that whenever they watch the final version that’s out, there’s almost no shot of MAMAMOO even though they have filmed many backstage videos.

Thankfully, they don’t have to make this request anymore as MAMAMOO members are often guests in different TV shows, variety shows and even reality shows.

4. Hwasa was bullied harshly because of her weight

Hwasa was not exempted from being bullied as a child. She recalled one time when she was made fun of because of her weight.

After she was bullied, Hwasa felt deeply hurt. She ran home while crying her eyes out. This unfortunate incident triggered her to follow her dreams and go to Seoul to become a famous celebrity in K-entertainment.

5. Moonbyul expressing her concern and saying that there are people who think lightly of MAMAMOO

Since MAMAMOO had the image of a “friendly group”, they were often not treated as seriously as they liked to be.

Moonbyul felt disappointed to find out that there are many people who think lightly of them.

She also expressed her sentiment by saying that they are “humans first” before they are celebrities.

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