Here Are Top 5 Short Series You Can Binge In A Day, Brought To You By Fellow K-Drama Lovers

Popcorn, check. Cushion, check. Bring it on!

Alright, okay. You’re already packed with K-Dramas after K-Dramas to catch up on. We know. But you must surely have a day to spare? If you’re looking for a something quick but something with quality, with less than 10 episodes — so you can zoom through the whole thing in one sitting and move on — then look no further. This is the list. Here are top 5 short K-Drama series you can binge in a day, brought to you by fellow bingers!

1. The Hymn of Death (2018)

2018’s The Hymn of Death, starring the visual actor Lee Jong Suk and actress Shin Hye Sun, is a six-episode love story between a married playwright and a renowned soprano. The two find each other in a world where everything is banned… Will they be able to defy fate and follow their hearts?

The Hymn of Death is available on Netflix in the US.

2. I’m Crazy, For You! (2018)

2018’s I’m Crazy, For You!, starring the seasoned actor Kim Seon Ho and actress Lee You Young, shows how eight years of friendship can actually turn into something so much more — if the timing helps. This four-episode series will keep you smiling throughout, with the cast’s convincing telling of how romance sometimes sprouts from the most unexpected.

I’m Crazy, For You! is available on Viki under the alternate title You Drive Me Crazy.

3. Becky’s Back (2016)

2016’s Becky’s Back, starring the beloved actresses Kang Ye Won and Jin Ji Hee, is a four-episode, feel-good kind of a story between a mother and daughter who are so different, yet so alike. Will Becky be able to put her past to sleep and start over… or will her troublemaker daughter make that impossible for everyone in town?

Becky’s Back is available on Viki.

4. Page Turner (2016)


2016’s Page Turner, starring the popular actor Ji Soo and actress Kim So Hyun, is a three-episode, coming-of-age series that shows how a genius pianist and an unstoppable athlete come together to save each other after fate takes them on a twisted turn. These young dreamers overcoming life’s lemons will inspire you to try and try again too — no matter what gets thrown in the way.

Page Turner is available on Viki.

5. Splash Splash Love (2015)

2015’s Splash Splash Love, starring the well-known actor Yoon Doo Joon and actress Kim Seul Gi, takes the cliché “time slip” and gives it a cute spin. Slipped back to Joseon Dynasty on a rainy day, the high school senior finds herself in a fantasy romance with the King. This ten-episode series, at an easy twenty-minute per episode run time, is bound to put a big grin on your face.

Source: THEQOO