Here Are Top 5 Songs By BTOB’s Ilhoon That Deserve All Your Streaming

He’s an amazing musician!

BTOB‘s Ilhoon is an amazing musician who has wrote and composed several of BTOB’s very own bops. Here are the top 5 that deserve spots on your playlist, according to the producers of Idol Radio!


1. Friend

Ilhoon is said to have made this song while he was thinking about the members and how far they have come together as teammates, friends, and family. It has now become an anthem for the fans who wish to keep seeing BTOB in the K-Pop scene for years and decades to come.


2. The Feeling

This song only took Ilhoon a day to make. He highlighted the amazing vocalizing skills of his fellow teammates by giving them plenty of high notes and harmonies to nail. It is now considered one of the most difficult songs to karaoke for BTOB fans!


3. Spoiler

This solo, created by Ilhoon and performed by Ilhoon, is also selected by Ilhoon himself to be considered his best work. BTOB fans were, and still remain, completely mesmerized by Ilhoon’s surreal visuals in the short film type music video that revealed this track.


4. She’s Gone

BTOB fans, on the other hand, pick this solo track by Ilhoon to be his hottest bop. Combined with a well-directed music video, “She’s Gone” continues to attract new listeners months after its release!


5. Fly Away

This track took over a year to finally make it on to an album. Worthy of the long wait though, this song is considered to be one of the best songs on that album. “Fly Away” is an easy listener, with its catchy chorus and lyrics.

Source: THEQOO