Here Are The Top 7 K-Pop Boy Groups Of All Time That Have Made Korea Proud

These groups have been winning K-Pop fans’ hearts forever!

Since the beginning of its dawn, K-Pop has seen the most talented new groups being birthed, exciting new music being released, countless great records being made and broken. Over the past years, K-Pop fans have been blessed with mega rookies making mega entrances, 2nd and 3rd generation groups going places overseas, and cool new units and collaborations dropping every other minute. From this abundance, TMI News picked the top 7 boy groups that have been the most successful in reaching new heights and making fans proud.


7. Hwang Chi Yeul

Soloist Hwang Chi Yeul ranks #7 on the list with his huge and still-growing fan base in China and all over the world. His unrivaled talent, topped with his dashing good looks, has charmed global fans to follow and support his endeavors — as one of the most successful, sensational, single-member boy group of the K-Pop world!


6. 2PM

2PM, while it has been two years since the boy group entered prolonged hiatus as all of the members dutifully serve their military time, made it on the list at #6 — thanks to the way they changed how boy group “concepts” work in K-Pop. As the first and unprecedented “Beasty Group” pushing their masculinity as the sole concept, 2PM changed the paradigm for countless future generation boy groups to also enthusiastically try different genres and styles.



According to TMI News, MONSTA X slowly but steadily made their way into the US market and built themselves an incomparably huge fan base outside Korea first. As an internationally more renowned K-Pop group, MONSTA X then began to charm the domestic fans as well. Now, MONSTA X releases full-English songs in collaboration with American artists like French Montana and gets invited to perform at huge year-end festivals like Jingle Ball, continuing to wow international fans, as well as Korean fans.


4. EXO

EXO ranks #4 on the list, with their most spectacular year being 2013. As “Growl” climbed to the top of all music charts, EXO became an unrivaled, leading boy group two years after their debut. Though EXO have lost a few members throughout the years, the team has grown stronger through that and remains one of the most successful boy groups to have bridged 2nd and 3rd generations of K-Pop. 


3. G-Dragon

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon made it on the list at #3, as K-Pop’s most iconic male idol. Not only is G-Dragon’s music worthy of its worldwide craze, but also his most stylish fashion sense got his fans completely whipped. Recently discharged from his military duty, G-Dragon now has the world on the edge of its seat, thrilled to the max for whatever he has in store next.


2. PSY

According to TMI News, PSY — as a one-man band — has what it takes to rank #2 on the list! Undoubtedly, PSY has an astonishing history of wowing the world with his most extravagant performances! With his ultimate hit song “Gangnam Style” that swept the globe off its feet, PSY not only got his name out in the world, but also K-Pop in general. Now, as a trustworthy leader of his own entertainment agency PNATION, PSY has artists like Jessi, HyunA, and Dawn whom he is helping to also become irreplaceable artists in the scene.


1. BTS

And finally, at #1, BTS prove to be the most successful and powerful K-Pop boy group of all time! Taking K-Pop to new levels it has never seen before, BTS have made, and continue to make, Koreans proud.