Here Are The Top 7 K-Pop Girl Groups Of All Time That Have Made Korea Proud

They’re the best of K-Pop.

Fans would agree, K-Pop has come to be a wild, wild place in the past decade or two. Since the very beginning of this culture, fans have been blessed countless bops released by the hottest girl groups!Here are the top 7 girl groups, according to TMI News, that have been the most successful in reaching new heights and making fans proud since the beginning of K-Pop.


7. Red Velvet

According to TMI News, Red Velvet have been pleasing K-Pop fans worldwide with the group’s “duality” concept since debut. Particularly in 2019, Red Velvet continued to experiment with different styles and became one of the most versatile girl groups in the K-Pop world to successfully pull off everything from cute, to sexy, all the way to spooky, and even avant-garde.


6. Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls, though it has been two years since the girl group disbanded, made it on the list — all thanks to their decade of having paved the way since 2007. As one of the first and leading K-Pop idols to have tried breaking the US market, made it on the Billboard with their music, swept Korean music charts for weeks, and even trended the nationwide video-recording sensation (which would be the current equivalent of dance challenges on social media), Wonder Girls still remain beloved and highly-appreciated in 2019.



KARA ranks #5 on the list, as one of the most successful girl groups to have dominated in Japan as a K-Pop leader. While KARA was not the first to promote in the Japanese market, they had definitely been considered the most beloved. According to TMI News, KARA was the first Korean female idol group to perform at the Tokyo Dome, changing the paradigm for future girl groups and their goals for promoting overseas.


4. 2NE1

According to TMI News, 2NE1 has been one of the first “power rookies” to have graced K-Pop. As one of the strongest leading girl groups among their rivals in the 2nd generation K-Pop scene, 2NE1 re-defined what it means to “be unique” in concept. Though the group officially disbanded in 2016, fans remain supportive of the members’ endeavors in the industry — because of their individual talents that are simply irreplaceable.


3. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation, while no longer actively promoting as a group, took #3 on the list with their decade long reign as K-Pop’s queens. Since their debut in 2007, Girls’ Generation have rightfully been considered unparalleled in their abilities to release trendy songs and create equally eye-catching dance moves.



TWICE ranks #2 on the list, as one of the most successful 3rd generation K-Pop girl groups to be promoting at the moment. Since their debut as a highly-anticipated next-gen girl group from JYP Entertainment, TWICE have been setting records — then breaking them again with their own records. Like so, TWICE continues to grow into a versatile group that is unrivaled the world of K-Pop.



And finally, BLACKPINK takes #1 on the list as the single most powerful girl group of all time to have made Korea proud! With their latest world tour making international fans fall in love with their charms, BLACKPINK surely deserve this spot on the list!