Top 7 Hottest Kissing Moments Of Lee Jong Suk That’ll Make You Want To Pour Holy Water All Over Your Burning Screen

Sure, #1 is hot AF, but wait till you look at #7.

Talented actor Lee Jong Suk is known for three things.


First, his tall frame and outstanding visuals that make every outfit look good on him — on and off the runway.

Second, his adorable dancing skills that are goofy…

…and still lovable at the same time.

And finally, Lee Jong Suk is famous in the K-Drama world because of his intimate kissing scenes that will make even the most daring person in the world blush. Why?

It’s because of how intense he kisses his female leads, of course!

Want some proof about his kissing prowess? Here are seven hot receipts, your honor!

1. Steamy handcuff kissing scene that made everyone blush

It’s so hot, even this man didn’t know whether to look, run away or hide until they stop kissing each other.

You know a kissing scene is intense when the couple doesn’t let a mere handcuff get in the way of their smooching.

2. Hesitant at first, but still intimate kiss

Plus, his side profile is devilishly sexy during this scene, too.

3. Kissing under the rain, of course

Naturally, kissing under the rain should be included in a typical K-Drama kiss — kissing under the sunlight isn’t that exciting, after all.

4. Adorable domestic couple kiss

This is a nice break from all the hot kisses that you’ve viewed just now.

Are you ready?

Continue scrolling below, then!

5. Cuddling in bed and kissing to help regain his memory

Sometimes, a kiss may be all it takes to regain your lost memories.

6. Hot kiss that’ll make even the coldest snow melt

These two didn’t need their fluffy bubble jackets to keep their warm — their lips meeting each other is enough to light a fire for the whole neighborhood.

7. Yearning kiss after not seeing each other for so long

It’s like your kiss with your lond-distance partner: the only difference is they’re not a fictional character that you drew when you were a kid so there are less complications in your relationship.

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