The Top Korean Celebrities Whose Facial Features Are The Most Sought-After, According To A Plastic Surgeon

Pictures of these celebs are frequently brought into clinics for reference.

South Korea has emerged as one of the global leaders in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, with an increasing number of people opting for such procedures every year.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), South Korea was ranked as the country with the highest number of cosmetic procedures per capita in 2018, with 13.5 cosmetic procedures performed per 1,000 individuals.

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Over one million cosmetic procedures are estimated to be performed in South Korea each year, with the most popular procedures being rhinoplasty, double eyelid surgery, and facial contouring.

South Korea’s reputation as the “cosmetic surgery capital of the world” has led to an increase in medical travel or cosmetic surgery tourism in South Korea. In 2019, over 90,000 foreign patients received cosmetic procedures in South Korean plastic surgery clinics, which many people also attribute to the rise in global popularity of South Korean entertainment and media, including Seokchan Eun, an associate professor at Korea’s prestigious Seoul National University Hospital.

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With Korea’s top actors and artists being consistently praised for their visuals, patients often bring reference photos of top celebs for their procedures.

Recently, a plastic surgeon spilled on the top three celebrities whose gorgeous features are most sought after by patients.

1. Oh Yeon Seo

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Oh Yeon Seo is a popular actress, singer, and model whose been active in the industry since 2002. She’s starred in beloved hit K-Dramas and films such as My Husband Got A Family, My Sassy GirlCheese In The Trap, and the reality series We Got Married.

The now 35-year-old gorgeous actress is known for her timeless beauty, and her picture is often brought for reference by those seeking cosmetic procedures.

Actress Oh Yeon Seo | @ohvely22/Instagram

2. Shin Se Kyung

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Another actress whose beautiful facial features are often referenced by patients seeking cosmetic procedures is actress Shin Se Kyung.

Shin Se Kyung began her career as a child actress and has an impressive collection of works she’s starred in, including High Kick Through The RoofThe Bride of Habaek, and Run On. 

The talented actress is also known for her stunning and youthful beauty.

Actress Shin Se Kyung | @sjkuksee/Instagram

3. aespa’s Winter

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Finally, aespa Winter‘s photo is often brought into clinics as well. Her stunning facial features are among the most sought-after by patients.

Winter stole netizens’ hearts when she debuted with aespa in 2020 and, along with her incredible vocals, has often earned attention for her unreal, doll-like visuals.

aespa’s Winter | @sbsnoriter/Twitter

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