The Top 10 K-Pop Girl Groups Of 2022

Genius Korea calculated which girl groups fans loved most.

Analyzing the data from the global site Genius, Genius Korea ranked the top K-Pop girl groups of 2022. Here are the popular groups who made it into the top ten, thanks to fans.

10. fromis_9

Earning millions of views for their music videos “Stay This Way” and “DM”, fromis_9, from the survival show Idol School, gained more love from fans this year.

fromis_9 | @realfromis_9/Twitter

9. Dreamcatcher

With songs “VISION” and “MAISON”, Dreamcatcher won over longtime fans and gained new ones.

Dreamcatcher | @hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter

8. Red Velvet

Red Velvet pleased fans with their highly-anticipated comeback with “Birthday” and “WILDSIDE”.

Red Velvet | @RVsmtown/Twitter


Switching up their sound a bit, ITZY kept fans’ interest with hits like “SNEAKERS” and “Cheshire”.

ITZY | @ITZYofficial/Twitter


Promising rookie group STAYC gained even more attention with “RUN2U” and “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER”.

STAYC | @STAYC_official/Twitter

5. GOT the Beat

SM Entertainment‘s supergroup is made up of BoA, Girls’ Generation, aespa, and Red Velvet and immediately became a hot topic with “Step Back”.

GOT the beat | @GirlsOnTop_SM/Twitter

4. aespa

As SM Entertainment’s newest girl group, aespa met fans’ expectations with “Girls” and “Life’s Too Short”.

aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

3. (G)I-DLE

The charismatic group (G)I-DLE gained praise from fans for empowering songs “Nxde” and “TOMBOY”.

(G)I-DLE | @G_I_DLE/Twitter


Proving their status as one of the most loved girl groups, TWICE released the hits “Talk that Talk” and “Celebrate”.



BLACKPINK took the top spot with highly-anticipated songs “Shut Down” and “Pink Venom”.

BLACKPINK | @kpop_sbs/Twitter

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