These Are The Top Ten Countries That Stream BLACKPINK The Most On YouTube

BLACKPINK is popular everywhere, but especially in these countries

As K-Pop has expanded its international outreach, K-Pop fans can be found at every corner of the globe.

BLACKPINK is the perfect example for a group that has popularity across every continent, as their successful In Your Area world tour demonstrates how popular they are across the world.

10. Japan

BLACKPINK has toured extensively in Japan, since their Japanese debut in 2017, meaning this country is already well familiar with BLACKPINK’s performance talent.

BLACKPINK will also have the honor of being the second K-Pop girl group to hold a Japan Dome Tour, at the end of this year. Japanese BLINKs gave BLACKPINK monthly views of 9.39 million on YouTube.

9. Turkey

Turkey made the top ten of countries that stream BLACKPINK the most, averaging 10.7 million views each month.

8. Mexico

A Facebook post went viral when it alleged that BLACKPINK would be performing in Mexico at the end of 2019, signalling that there is a lot of anticipation for BLACKPINK to tour Latin America.

It looks like the members are interested as well, with Rosé expressing her love for Mexico.

Mexican BLINKs streamed BLACKPINK videos with 13.7 million views on YouTube each month.

7. Malaysia

When BLACKPINK first toured Malaysia earlier this year, their two concerts at Kuala Lampur were both sold-out in the blink of an eye.

BLACKPINK gained 14.6 million views from Malaysian fans each month.

6. United States

BLACKPINK has quickly been one of the biggest stars in the United States, having performed at Coachella, starred in multiple television shows and tour with a sold-out North American tour.

The U.S streamed BLACKPINK videos 18.8 million times each month.

5. Brazil

BLACKPINK was nominated for Video of the Year for “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” at the BreakTudo Awards, demonstrating their massive appeal across the country.

Brazilian BLINKs streamed BLACKPINK YouTube videos with 22.6 million views per month.

4. Vietnam

BLACKPINK has previously spoken about how touched they were when several Vietnamese BLINKs made their way to Korea to meet them. The girls have also expressed that they wish to visit Vietnam and hold a concert there someday.

BLACKPINK gained 28 million views from Vietnam each month.

3. Philippines

BLACKPINK is so popular in the Philippines, that after hosting a concert in Manila, they returned for a fanmeeting in June to show their appreciation for Filipino BLINKs.

The Philippines streamed BLACKPINK with 33.6 million views each month.

2. Thailand

Lisa’s home country has been the host of six BLACKPINK concerts this year, due to the immense popularity that the members enjoy.

Fans have also been consistently touched with Lisa’s pride in her home country, representing the best of Thailand on the world stage. Thailand streamed BLACKPINK videos with 40.5 million views each month.

1. Indonesia

The country that is the source of the most views for BLACKPINK videos is Indonesia, streaming with 48.6 million views per month.

The group is so popular in Indonesia, that they had to add another concert during their stay in Jakarta, much to the rejoicing of fans. Furthermore, the group was recruited as guest stars by Shopee Indonesia, demonstrating their immense popular appeal.

Regardless of views and streams, BLINKs can be found in every country, and in every corner of the globe.


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