What We Know So Far About The 8 Trainees On The Reality Dating Show “Romance Before Debut”

There are a few familiar faces!

A Japanese television network, Abema TV, recently announced a new trainee reality dating show with eight idol, model, actor, and dancer hopefuls from Korea and Japan who hope to debut in the Korean entertainment industry. The trainees will share a house in Korea for a week to have one final chance at love before their debut. 

The new show will air on January 26, and the eight contestants have been revealed ahead of its debut.

Check out what we know about the eight talented contestants below!

1. Kim Segon

Kim Segon is an 18-year-old aspiring dancer from Korea who was previously a contestant on JYP Entertainment‘s idol survival reality show, LOUD and according to his Instagram page, he attends Hanlim Arts High School.

While he doesn’t post on his Instagram often when he does he displays his athletic and dancing skills that are sure to charm fans.

2. Hirai Momoka

Hirai Momoka is an 18-year-old trainee from Japan who previously competed on Nizi Project, the JYP Entertainment idol survival show that formed the JYP girl group NiziU. Momoka made it to the second season of Nizi Project, but was unfortunately eliminated from the show before making the final line-up for NiziU.

She has since appeared on the Japanese school variety show Super Invincible Class, which discusses trends that impact today’s youth. She’s also represented by the Japanese talent agency Twin Planet and is a model for the popular Japanese fashion magazine Popteen.

| Popteen

3. Yeonjae

Yeonjae is a 17-year-old trainee from Korea who attends Seoul Performing Arts High School.

Her few Instagram posts show that she seems to lead a fun high school life, hanging out with friends, visiting Lotte World, and attending concerts.

Yeonjae at Lotte World | @yeonjae._.913/Instagram

4. Sunghoon

Sunghoon is an aspiring model and actor from Korea who is also 17 years old. Sunghoon only has a few Instagram posts, but his photos prove his model-like visuals and carefully arranged Instagram feed that shows his artsy side.

Sunghoon’s Instagram | @ak0.erq/Instagram

5. Ando Rinka

Ando Rinka is an 18-year-old trainee from Japan who was formerly a contestant on Girls Planet 999. Although she was eliminated in the fifth episode, she was able to debut in Japan with the J-Pop group Veil in August 2022.


On her Instagram she frequently posts her fashion, her friendships, group photos with Veil, and dance practice videos.

6. Dongyeop

Dongyeop is 18 years old and is from Korea. He aspires to be a talent in the Korean entertainment industry and already has an impressive following on social media, with over 322,200 followers on TikTok and over 33,400 followers on Instagram.


뒷머리 ✂️

♬ Vacations – Young (Knock Knock Edit) – baka

7. Yewon

Yewon is also 18 years old and aspires to be a model. She is currently represented by the modeling agency KPLUS and shows off her doll-like visuals on her personal Instagram account.

Yewon | @y.ears1on/Instagram

8. Seungwon

Seungwon is also 18 years old and is an aspiring actor. He shares his own photography on his Instagram as well as his K-Drama-ready visuals.

JG Entertainment currently represents him as an actor, and based on photos from his Instagram, he appears to also work at a coffee shop in Seoul.

Seungwon | @jsw_184/Instagram
Source: Instagram
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