The Transformation Of BTS’s Jungkook Through Music Videos

Our maknae is now a grown man.

We all know our BTS maknae Jungkook has grown so much over the years and it’s quite evident just by looking at his transformation through their music. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and take a look at the growth of this young man!

No More Dream- June 12, 2013

N.O- September 11, 2013

Boy In Luv- February 12, 2014

Danger- August 20, 2014

I NEED U- April 29, 2015

Run- November 30, 2015

FIRE- May 2, 2016

source: 3LIMIT 

Blood Sweat & Tears- October 10, 2016

Spring Day- February 13, 2017

DNA- September 18, 2017

FAKE LOVE- May 18, 2018

IDOL- August 24, 2018

Boy With Luv- April 12, 2019

Black Swan (James Corden Show)- January 29, 2020

Which one is your favorite Jungkook era? We honestly can’t choose.